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Celeste Buckingham's "I'm Not Sorry" Is the Anthem for International Women's Day


Run Run Run singer Celeste Buckingham — college student and women's advocate — is back with a new single, “I’m Not Sorry.” The powerful song is the anthem for Care.com’s International Women’s Day. We spoke with Celeste about her new video and her involvement in International Women's Day. 

Congratulations on your new video! For those who haven’t seen it yet, what is the main message of the video? 

Thank you! The video represents the unfair and unjustified treatment of women in many parts of the world. Even with a tough subject matter, we still want to stay positive and encourage women to stand up for themselves and be proud of who they are! 

Who were the people in the video with you?

These are women from various countries around the world! Each one is a fascinating person with an equally fascinating story. One woman is Julie Pazderka, a 24-year-old model and student in Prague. She is also the founder of the Brave Hope FB Forum, and has been battling cervical cancer, chemotherapy, and surgeries. There was also a 9-year-old girl in the video who is a 15-time Karate World Champion from the Slovak Republic! We were lucky to have so many women who have faced such hardships, yet have achieved so much! It was so inspiring!

Did you make it specifically for International Women’s Day?

Yes, we planned this video especially for this event. The song was written earlier and on my recent album, "Where I Belong".

How did you get involved with International Women’s Day and Care.com?

The employees at Care.org found out I was very interested in the empowerment of women and girls. They reached out to me! I, of course, was delighted to get involved!

How do you want people to feel from hearing your song “I’m Not Sorry?”

I want them to feel the heaviness of the issue, but also feel inspired to rise and be a part of change! It doesn't matter if you do something big or small. What matters most is uniting to stand up and do the right thing!

How can fans celebrate International Women’s Day with you?

I want fans to be happy and try to make someone else happy! If they could find one other girl or woman, and make them happy for the day, that would be amazing. It’s all about working together!

On an unrelated note, many collegiettes like you are aspiring singers. Is it difficult to balance your college career with your music career?

It is difficult, but not impossible. There are a lot of alternatives for studying, so you can find what is suitable for you and your schedule. It may take longer, but that's okay. I think that the combination of study and work is actually a good one. You can gain the knowledge and learn to use it in a realistic, and sometimes challenging way. It's not easy and I'm often very tired, but it's totally worth it! 

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My mom. She's a fighter and a hard working woman. She's got a huge heart, but doesn't give in easily. She's battled her way through life and has been committed to making her kids happy, healthy, and capable. She amazes me everyday!

Any message you want to share with your fans about this day?

I just want to remind my fans that you may feel like you can't do anything to help, but we can all do something, even if it feels so small. Be sure to share your joy, freedom, and happiness! 


You can join in the movement with Celeste by writing "I'm Not Sorry" on your arm and sharing a picture on Instagram. You can also post on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #ImNotSorry.

Want to see more of Celeste? Follow her on Twitter and Facebook! Don't forget to check out the video for "I'm Not Sorry!"

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