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How it Feels to Be a Broke College Student


Times are tough, and as a college student, your money is probably pretty tight.

When you’re out on the town, you always keep your eyes peeled for discounted drinks.

You make sure to pregame (hard)…

…and you always keep your fingers crossed that someone will be feeling inclined to buy you a couple rounds.

Cover charges? You don’t think so!

You’ve noticed that your taste in cuisine is becoming decreasingly sophisticated.

Fancy restaurants aren’t exactly in your budget anymore.

Unless, of course, there’s a special offer involved.

You always go to the campus events that say they’ll provide snacks.  

There’s no better way to entice you to attend a meeting than with the promise of food.

Really, anytime “free” stuff is involved, you’re there.

This is your dinner on a normal night:

Unless, of course, you feel like splurging:

When it comes to beauty products, you’re totally done with those brand names.

Shampoo is still shampoo after all, right?

Whenever your friends suggest a shopping trip, you die a little inside.

This is how you feel walking by clothing store windows:

And then there’s the moment when you’re forced to check your bank account balance.

Though most of the time you feel like this could become you at any moment…

…at least you have the comfort of knowing that in college, you’re not alone.

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