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What Spring Break is Like in College


You're at the point where you're SO done with school...

Your professor asks about spring break plans, but you only hear "spring break" and you jump up like, 

But now you're freaking out.

Really, though, you need this break. 

Finally, you turn in that last assignment and it's time for a beach trip with your besties.

You pack your bikinis and sandals, and you're off to the airport.

Can't you just be there already?!

Goodbye, snow. Hello, warm weather, relaxation and freedom.

The plane lands and you step out into the sunshine like,

Before you know it, you've checked into your hotel, you're in your bathing suit and you're jumping in the waves. Except your friend goes straight to tanning, and you're like,   

She says she doesn't want to mess up her hair before you go out, and you're just like,

Time to party. First night:

Second night: 

Third night (and you're scoping out the guys): 

You spot a fine-looking cutie on the dance floor and you're like, 

But your friend reminds you to play a little hard to get, so you're all, 

And, well, eventually you're gettin' jiggy with it...

Your friend's like,

Then the guy's like,

And you're like, 

And back to dancing with the girls. 

By the fourth night, you're totally beat. So when your friend comes in and sees you still wearing your pajamas, she's like,

But you danced so hard last night and your whole body hurts so you're just like,

But spring break only comes around once every year, so you go get dressed for another night out.

Your bestie throws on your fave song, and a little pre-bar dancing commences.

Ultimately, it's your college spring break, and it's time to live it up. 

And you know what?

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