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13 TV Shows That Should Go Back on the Air


Sure, there are some pretty good shows on TV these days (Scandal, anyone?), but every once in a while we find ourselves longing for the carefree days of the past when TV was much simpler… or better. Though these shows are no longer on the air, we can’t get them out of our heads. #NeverForget

1. The O.C.

Maybe the best teen drama in the history of ever, The O.C. raised a generation of wannabe surfers. We may have faked sick the day after Marissa died to stay home and deal with the emotional shock, but for the most part the show made us really happy, and we miss it. Just listen to the theme song and you'll be overwhelmed with nostalgia and have to skip your next class to watch as many episodes as you can. 

2. Gilmore Girls

From 2000-2007, Lorelai Gilmore was the mom every American kid wanted for his or her own. This fast-paced, original drama (sitcom?) was one of the most creative shows of the early 2000s. We all wanted to go to Yale with Rory and live in Stars Hollow, which, sadly, isn’t even a real town.

3. One Tree Hill

Even though the Tree Hill kids looked way too old to be in high school, we followed every ridiculously dramatic second of their lives for nine seasons.

4. Friday Night Lights

Tim Riggins. That’s all.

5. Boy Meets World

Even though the revival series Girl Meets World is in the works, nothing will beat the original. If you didn’t have a crush on Eric or Shawn growing up or wanted Mr. Feeny to be your neighbor, then you really should go back and watch this show. It’s the best, trust us.

6. Hannah Montana

New plot line: Hannah/Miley gets caught smoking weed and Robbie Ray is super disappointed but manages to write a song about it. Rico is indicted for fraud. Lilly and Oliver get married and have a baby. Jake Ryan and Jesse fight Gladiator-style for Miley’s heart. Tell us you wouldn’t watch that.

7. Friends

We still use Friends one-liners on a daily basis (“Joey doesn’t share food!”), and we're still holding out for a reunion season. We just want to see Monica and Chandler’s kids all grown up!

8. Sex and the City

Though we have the SATC movies to tide us over (there’s talk of SATC 3, too), the original episodes are what really have our hearts. To this day, we assign a character to each of our friends. Are you a Samantha or a Charlotte?

9. Freaks and Geeks

It was cancelled after one season, which is maybe the worst crime ever committed by humankind. Young James Franco was possibly even hotter than he is now, so why couldn’t we have had just a few more seasons of his gorgeousness?

10. Full House

New plot line: Michelle starts a fashion line that scarily resembles The Row. Jesse and Becky are still the hottest couple to ever exist. Stephanie gets married before D.J., which causes a lot of sibling tension. Joey finally makes it as a comedian and replaces Ellen as the host for The Oscars. Kimmy Gibbler somehow becomes more successful than any of the Tanner clan, but still shows up unannounced for breakfast. Everyone still lives in the same house, all together.

11. The Office

We only include this show on the condition that Michael Scott makes a return, because he was the best part of the entire show.

12. Gossip Girl

Is it bad that we still aren’t over Gossip Girl going off the air? Even though the last season was a little unwatchable, we’re yearning for the wonderfulness that was seasons one and two. Why couldn’t they have just stayed in high school forever?

13. Laguna Beach

Where do we even begin? Laguna Beach was, like, the best reality show to ever air. The debate is still raging at HC whether we’re team LC or team Kristin. Other relevant opinions: Stephen is way overrated, Lo is the best character on the show and Jason is the biggest d-bag in the world. That's all. 

It's such a shame that shows as perfect as these aren't on the air these days. Until they're matched, however, we'll just stick to Netflix reruns. 

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