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15 Signs it's Time to End a Night Out


Sometimes, you can be having such a great night out that you never want it to end. Unfortunately, when you want a night to end and when it should end aren't always the same time. Here are a few signs that it might just be time to call it a night and go to bed.

1. Your heels hurt too bad to wear anymore, so you start carrying them around (or lose them completely).

2. You buy a round of shots for a group of strangers you just met at the bar.

3. You fall down a flight of stairs—or trip up them.

4. You make lunch plans with someone you don’t plan on ever talking to again.

5. You send more than three mass Snapchats.

6. You tell your deepest, darkest secret to a girl who lived on your hall freshman year… and your ex-hook-up’s roommate… and the bartender…

7. You hug your roommates and tell them how much you love them multiple times.

8. You accept an invitation to an “after-party” at some random guy’s apartment.

9. You request that the DJ play “Timber”… for the fifth time.

10. You find yourself strangely attracted to the geeky guy who sits next to you in your lit class.

11. You pick a fight with a girl whom you claim cut you in the bathroom line.

12. You text your ex to tell him how much you miss him.

13. You don’t know where any of your friends are—and it doesn’t really faze you.

14. You publicly make out with more than two people whose names you don’t know.

15. You have a sudden, overpowering desire for greasy, fried food.

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