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What it's Like Working on a Senior Thesis


At first, you were thrilled about taking on such a huge project (even though you didn't have much of a plan).

But that enthusiasm quickly died when you realized how much work a thesis really entailed.

And even though you still have half a semester left, you're already like: 

Now, a typical day of working on your thesis involves questioning your entire academic career (and maybe even your existence).

You realize that working through your thesis is like traveling to a foreign country because you need to “find yourself” in the process.

But the only thing you've found is that you have a love/hate relationship with your thesis. One day, it’s like:

Then the next day, it’s like:

Similarly, you jump back and forth between thinking you're a genius...

...and the dumbest person in the world.

When people ask how your thesis is coming along, you're incredibly self-deprecating despite your good standing in the department...

...which is why you'd prefer if no one knew about your thesis. Plus, the phrase "working on a thesis" sound so pretentious and makes it seem like you’re part of a magical group of academics who roam abandoned libraries in top hats.

The only people who understand your pain are fellow thesis writers and your advisers...

...except when your adviser gives you negative feedback, which makes you cry a little on the inside.

And when your adviser gives you "constructive criticism," it feels more like: 

But beneath all that tough love, you know your adviser has your best interests at heart, which makes you get really sappy, like:

So you work harder in the library, doing research and revising drafts, until going home at the end of the day feels like winning the lottery.

Because you normally just tough out the exhaustion with a cup of joe. You’ve even formed an intimate relationship with caffeine through long, sleepless nights in the library.

You've invested so much time and effort into this thesis that you can't wait to graduate and be done with it forever.

But until then, you will be living the turbulent lifestyle of a senior thesis writer (and feeling all the relevant emotions, mainly despair).

But you are totally capable, so best of luck defending your thesis, you masochistic brainiacs!

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