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The 9 People You’ll Meet in Your Prefrosh Facebook Group


Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to college to college!  Once the hype has died down from receiving the exciting decision from your future university, your next move is to join your college’s Class of 2018 Facebook group.  There, you can learn about anything from extracurriculars to your classmates’ hometowns and everything in between.  There are definitely groups of people who stand out among the rest… and not necessarily in a good way.  Read below to find out the people you’ll meet in your class’s Facebook group!

1. The Troll

If you have a question, The Troll will most certainly have an answer.  This person is going to start an argument about anything posted on the group.  Whether or not someone’s actually asking for opinions, The Troll’s opinion is going to be heard.  He or she loves to argue with other members, write inappropriate comments on other people’s posts and start trouble in general.  Anyone who posts can be a victim of the Troll, so be careful what you post on the group.

2. The Overeager Freshman

This guy is so pumped to be going to school that he can’t contain himself.  He posts countdowns for everything, like the number of days until move-in, the number of days until classes and so on.  He’s constantly posting on the wall in an attempt to get everyone excited, when he’s really just annoying everyone who hates getting 32 notifications a day from the same person.  It’s great that he’s excited, but sometimes it’s better that he keep the excitement to himself.

3.The Partier

This guy is excited for college too, but for a completely different reason.  He couldn’t care less what your class schedule is or how many dogs you have; he just wants to party!   He’s going to try and find any connection he can before school starts, because who would want to miss out on all the getting crazy during syllabus week? If you’re looking for the closest liquor store, he’ll know where to go, and if you’re also a partier, he’s your type of person.

4. The Person Who Wants to Know Everyone’s Schedules

Unlike the partier, this person is so excited that classes are starting soon that she wants to know everyone’s schedules. She’ll post her class schedule on the group’s wall and expect everyone else to do the same.  The likelihood of finding someone in the same class as you might be good, but the chance of you actually remembering that by the time school comes around is probably unlikely.

5. The Overachiever

You can already tell this guy is going to spread himself too thin with all the activities he’s trying to take on.  He was probably an overachiever in high school, joining every activity possible just to round out his resume, and he’s trying to do the same thing once he gets to college.  Everyone’s trying to find his or her niche, but this guy thinks every single thing on campus is a possibility.

6. The Promoter

This guy definitely has a job with a local concert venue, and he won’t let anyone forget it.  Every weekend, he’ll be posting the tickets he has available to try and get you to come see the show.  What better place to sell tickets than a university group, right? Wrong!  Most people never take him up on his sales pitches, but that’s not going to stop him from posting anyway.

7.Your Future Best Friend

This girl posts the same things as you, has the same interests as you and asks all the same questions you’ve been wondering about.  Basically, you two were meant to be best friends. It’s like you’ve found your Class of 2018 group soul mate! So if she ends up looking for a roommate, definitely give her a shot.

8. The Person Who Still Needs a Roommate

Unlike your future best friend, this girl cannot find or hold on to a roommate for anything. She’s constantly posting about still needing a roommate as the deadline gets closer and closer, but she doesn’t have any luck.  She may be coming across the wrong way or just acting odd when the opportunity arises to find a potential roommate, but either way, you can’t help but wonder what she’s going to do come September.

9. The Serial Friender

This guy is more low-key, rarely posting on the page or saying anything at all.  What he does do, on the other hand, is friend-request every single person in the Facebook group.  This is one of the people who will end up being “that guy,” and the likelihood of you actually knowing him once you get to college is slim.  If he does decide to make contact with you, he’ll probably message you separately from everyone else and try to befriend you.  Once you get to campus, you’ll see him all over the place, and it will be weird. Avoiding awkward eye contact is probably your best choice in this situation.


Have you met any of these people in your prefrosh Facebook group yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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