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21 Things More Frustrating Than Flappy Bird


Even though the game is technically off the market (which is frustrating in itself), Flappy Bird has already been downloaded on thousands of smartphones and iPads, and may well be the most frustrating game that has ever been developed. In case you've never played it, it’s difficult to get a score of 10, let alone the “gold medal” score of 30. After much deliberation, however, we've figured out that there are indeed things in this world that are even more frustrating than Flappy Bird, and who would we be if we didn’t share them with you?

1. Having to pee right after you get into bed for the night.

2. Rips in your tights.

3. When you have to sneeze, but you just CAN'T.

4. When Instagram is down.

5. The US losing to Canada in hockey.

6. Chipped nail polish.

7. Alarm clocks.

8. Getting your period early.

9. Your phone running out of battery.

10. People who mumble.

11. Justin Bieber's face.

12. Stepping in water while you're wearing socks.

13. Airport security.

14. Loud eaters.

15. Forgetting your keys.

16. When something you never studied in class is on the exam.

17. Slow walkers. 

18. When you get a less-than-satisfactory grade on a paper that you literally worked on for weeks. 

19. Your boyfriend zoning out while you're talking... again.

20. That girl whom everyone likes for some inexplicable reason that you don't understand.

21. People who constantly misuse basic words. 

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