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11 Spring Break Date Ideas for any Destination


Flowers don’t have to be the only thing blossoming this spring; romance can, too! A week off from boring classes, huge textbooks and 12-page papers, spring break is the perfect time for dating. Whether you’re traveling, catching up on your favorite Netflix series at home or staying on campus, this stress-free week can become a whole lot better by going out with a campus cutie or two. Since there are so many ways collegiettes like to spend spring break, we’ve got great date ideas for you no matter where you are!

If You’re at the Beach

Take a stroll on the boardwalk

Spend all day on the boardwalk, where you can sample tasty ice cream flavors and get lost in souvenir shops while enjoying the smell of the ocean. Most boardwalks have plenty of rides, shops and restaurants for you and your date to enjoy together. You can also play some games; hopefully he’ll win you a prize!

Go stargazing

Take a blanket out to the beach after dark and get ready for a romantic night. Under the moonlight, you and your date can spot constellations and get cozy together. For extra brownie points, don’t forget your partner’s favorite bottle of wine if you’re 21 or older!

Go to a bonfire

A bonfire on the beach is the perfect date that’s both relaxed and fun. All you need is a bag of chips with dip and two beach chairs. It’s a great way to get to know each other and way more fun than your typical dinner date.

Go to a beachside bar with live music

Try out a new place that comes recommended from a friend, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go to a new place that neither of you have heard of. There’s nothing better than watching a live performance with your toes in the sand. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem!

If You’re Stuck on Campus

See a band perform

Local bands love to play around college campuses, which usually results in free publicity for them and a free show for you! Find out where you can watch a performance and spend the evening belting out song lyrics together. Chances are it won’t be far away, so you won’t have to worry about transportation.

Set up a beach date in your dorm room

If you can’t make it to the beach, bring the beach to you! Go to your nearest Target and pick up tiki lights and a few inflatable beach toys, like palm trees or beach balls. Decorate your floor with towels and seashells, and, for the perfect finishing touch, grab a few helium-filled dolphin balloons! Be sure to invite another couple to join the fun and make it a double date.

If You’re Abroad

Go hiking

Hiking is a great way to explore and discover new places, especially if you’re in a tropical area. Choose a scenic trail, and, for added romance, be sure to stop at a waterfall along the way!

Have a picnic

Go to a market together and fill up your basket with a variety of local, specialty foods, then have a picnic with all of your choices. You’ll get to experience exotic flavors of tons of fresh food!

Visit a historical site

There’s nothing better than visiting old places in new countries. Look up the most romantic spots in the country and go on a tour with your date. Whether it’s the “Love Lock” bridge in Paris or Juliet’s balcony in Verona, Italy, romance is in the air!

If You’re at Home

Play a board game

Spark up some friendly competition with a few of your favorite childhood board games. You could even invite some friends over and compete with other couples. For a romantic spin on the game if it’s just the two of you, have the loser give the winner a massage!

Create a scavenger hunt

Make a list of different places that you’ve been together and write down romantic clues or riddles to each one. You can include the first place you kissed, your first date, etc.

Meghan Gibbons, a senior at Boston College, made a scavenger hunt for a group of friends. “Although I knew the path we were going to take, it was a lot of fun to see my friends remember the places and all the memories we had there,” she says. It’ll be even more fun and romantic with your S.O.!


Take advantage of your spare time during spring break by setting up some fantastic dates. With warm weather on the rise and so many options to choose from, say goodbye to winter coats and hello to the great outdoors. Love is definitely in the air this spring!

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