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15 Redhead Problems


Redheads always get a bad rap. Whether you answer to “Ginger!” no matter who's talking to you or you've had to deal with the whole “you’re soulless” thing, life as a redhead can be tough. If you’ve been blessed with gorgeous ginger locks, we bet you’ve probably had to deal with one or more of these redhead problems.

1. Everyone assumes your favorite Disney princess is Ariel.

2. People think it’s hilarious to tell you that you’re going extinct.

3. In middle school, kids made fun of you for “not having a soul.”

4. You get really sick of being referred to as "Ginger" instead of your actual name.

5. You have to wear, like, four coats of mascara.

6. You also have to wear SPF 50 any time you go outside.

7. Since the time you could walk you've been told that redheads can't wear the color red (total lie, by the way).

8. People say you look like Parent-Trap-era Lindsay Lohan, even though the only thing about you that resembles her is your hair color.

9. Finding makeup light enough for your skin tone is next to impossible.

10. Everyone just assumes you’re Irish…

11. …or that you at least have an "Irish" temper.

12. You’ve had no choice but to embrace your pale skin.

13. You'd rather do anything else but talk about how you have red hair. 

14. People love reminding you that your hair color is a mutation.

15. Strangers always ask you where your hair color came from.

They may make up a small percentage of the population, but redheads sure go through a lot. Don't let the haters get you down, fellow ginges! Your locks are oh-so beautiful, and always remember: redheads don't go grey, so you're going to come out ahead in the end! Take that, blondes and brunettes! 

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