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The 9 Friends You Need on Spring Break


Your spring break will only be as good as the posse you have with you. Whether you’re hitting up a party hot spot, going abroad or planning a staycation in town, these are the friends you’re going to be eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping and doing everything with for a week. For optimal spring break fun, we’ve got a list of every type of friend you need by your side as you take on a week of freedom.

1. The Guy Magnet

You know the friend we’re talking about: the girl who, no matter where she goes, attracts a flock of men to her side. Her magnetism isn’t just uncanny, it’s a dang superpower, and it makes her the perfect ally to have on your vacay. The Guy Magnet will ensure a potential spring break fling is always in your radius. With all the fun there is to be had on spring break, the less time you spend seeking out guys – and the more The Guy Magnet’s hotness draws them to you instead – the better!

The Guy Magnet’s catchphrase:“Will there be guys there?”

Extra perk: Free drinks. You know guys are always tripping over themselves to treat The Guy Magnet and her posse to refreshments on them!

2. The Wingwoman

Sure, The Guy Magnet will attract the guys, but The Wingwoman will help you land one. A dedicated partner in crime will help you work the bar if you need it and make your spring-break flirting game 10 times better. Not only will having someone you’re in sync with add more tricks to your flirting arsenal, but let’s be real: teaming up to score is always more fun than going at it alone. Just be sure you help her get some, too.

The Wingwoman’s catchphrase:“Which guy do you want?”

Extra perk: Your wingwoman knows your taste, so you might meet someone you’ll like as more than just a weeklong fling.

3. The Photog

Let’s be real: The Photog is a blessing any time of the year, but when you have a friend who is on it when it comes to capturing your Kodak moments, she’s a necessary addition to any spring break group. She’ll be the one snapping candids, reminding you to pose at touristy stops and juggling her iPhone and DSLR on every outing. Sometimes her constant need to document everything might get on your nerves (why does she need a picture of you guys brushing your teeth, anyway?), but you know you secretly appreciate it, especially when it comes time for a new prof pic. So smile, say cheese and let the magic happen!

The Photog’s catchphrase:“Don’t worry; I’ll put them all on Facebook.”

Extra perk: She knows all your best angles – and gets those Insta-worthy candid shots!

4. The Planner

Spring break may be about letting loose and getting wild, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a little method to your madness, so make sure someone in your group doesn’t mind taking the reins on the planning. The Planner will know which hot spots to hit up, where the party’s at and where to stop to refuel, so you and your friends can spend less time saying, “I don’t know, what do you wanna do?” and more time enjoying the locale. Not to mention, she’s probably the one who put your trip into motion in the first place, so you know you’re in good hands.  

The Planner’s catchphrase:“I read about this great place on Yelp!”

Extra perk: With how much time she spent on TripAdvisor pre-vacation, you know you’ll never get lost.

5. The Risk-Taker

To balance out The Planner, see to it that your crew includes a Risk-Taker to infuse some spontaneity into your trip and encourage you to break out of your shell. She’ll be the one dragging you into crazy clubs, past “Do Not Enter” signs or out for a late-night skinny-dip in the ocean. Every girl needs a friend who will drag you to places crazy and unknown – chances are, her spur-of-the-moment suggestions will lead to nights you won’t forget. Be careful not to let things get too wild, though; you don’t want to wind up reenacting Spring Breakers.

The Risk-Taker’s catchphrase:“What’s the worst that could happen?”

Extra perk: You’ll have stories to tell your friends back home for months.

6. The Hipster

Sure, sometimes you might giggle at her underground taste, but if you’re taking on a particularly touristy city, you’ll be thankful for someone who can drag you away from the mainstream. The Hipster will know off-the-wall places for your group to grab a breather: quirky shops; hip, vegan restaurants; bars that won’t be packed wall-to-wall with sweaty spring breakers. You know, the kind of places no one in their right mind would think to go to on spring break, but you’ll be so glad you did.

The Hipster’s catchphrase:“You probably haven’t heard of it.”

Extra perk: Street cred. Hey, don’t lie: you’ll be passing off her suggestions as your own some day.

7. The Mother Hen

Admittedly, sometimes spring break can get a little wild, so having The Mother Hen around to ensure you don’t go too hard means a safer spring break for everyone. She’ll play the necessary role in making you guys get back to your hotel in one piece every night and giving her stamp of approval for your spring-break flings. Even if it’s just a girl to hold back your hair during a particularly rough hangover, you’ll be thankful you’ve got a dash of responsibility on your team. Just make sure you watch out for yourself and keep it classy so she doesn’t have to be your babysitter, too.

The Mother Hen’s catchphrase:“You doing okay?”

Extra perk: If your spring break plans include a car, you’ll probably get a designated driver out of your Mother Hen, too. Here’s to saving money on cab fare!

8. The Guy

Don’t be afraid to bring your guy friends along on your trip, too! A little testosterone is rarely a bad thing, and you never know when you might need a fake boyfriend to swoop in and scare off a pushy local. Whether you bring a Frat Star to show you how to do a keg stand, a Gay BFF to enjoy the sights and go dancing with or a Single Guy to play matchmaker for, having a guy around will add a new dynamic to any spring break crew.

The Guy’s catchphrase: No matter what it was pre-spring break, it’s definitely going to be “I need some guy time” when you get home.

Extra perk: He can put his brawn to use and clear the path for you and your friends at any crowded party.  

9. The Friend of a Friend

Who says you need to be tight with everyone on your spring vacation? Encourage your group to draft their own friends into your plans to spice up your normal group dynamic. They don’t say “The more, the merrier” for nothing, right?

The Friend of a Friend’s catchphrase: Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out, won’t you?

Extra perk: You might get a new friend out of it!


No need to worry if you don’t have a friend who fits nicely into each role; you’ll probably have them all covered without even realizing it! Your Guy Magnet might also be your Wingwoman, your Guy also your Photog. Not to mention, you’re probably one of the above, too. All that’s left to do is take inventory, round up your crew and hit the road. Happy spring break, collegiettes!

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