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How to Meet Your Spring Break Fling


Flirty boys, tanned skin, no responsibilities, a chance to finally sit back and relax: spring break is exactly what you’ve been waiting for after a strenuous semester! With spring break right around the corner, you’re probably anxious to leave your schoolwork behind for a little bit of fun in the sun, and, more importantly, an unrestricted sleep schedule. You’re probably also anxious to leave behind the myriad of guys at your school who just really aren’t doing anything for you anymore.

You’re most likely at the point in the semester where meeting some new dudes would do you some good, and spring break may be the perfect time to search for some worthy prospects. The only problem is, you may not know where to look or how to approach them!

Have no fear, because Her Campus is here to help! Whether you’re taking an exotic trip with your best friends or you’re simply venturing back home for the week, here’s how you can make a spring break fling happen for you.

If You’re Going Home

If you’re going home for spring break this year, your romantic prospects may be looking a little bleak. Unless you want to hook up with an ex or have a casual fling with the guy who sat behind you in math for three years in high school, it probably seems that you’ll have to spend your spring break flying solo.

But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There are probably tons of cute guys from your hometown who’ll be home for spring break – you’ve just never met them!

Where to Look

Going home for spring break has the potential for a casual fling, or even just some new male friendships, as long as you make the effort. While it may be tempting to spend your entire break raiding your fully stocked fridge, if you really put yourself out there and try something new, the potential for meeting some cute guys skyrockets.

If you’re super athletic but haven’t seen any worthy guys at your local gym, use spring break to try some new activities. See if there’s a fun exercise class or race happening nearby or even give rock climbing a try.

“I’d always wanted to do a mud run, so when I heard there was one in my hometown over spring break last year, I immediately signed up,” says Caitlin, a sophomore at Gonzaga University. “There were a ton of hot guys there, and I even kept pace with this one really cute guy named Matt the whole time. We started talking a little bit before the race started, and he was really easy to talk to. I definitely had to run a little faster to keep up with him, but it was worth it because he gave me his number once we were done!”

If athletics aren’t really your thing, then there are plenty of other places you can go to meet some at-home hotties. Take a trip to your local community pool with your friends or hit up the beach if you happen to live within driving distance. Just because you’re not in an exotic location doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun!

There are bound to be other people from your high school who are home for break as well, and there may even be a party or two to go to. If you have a mini high school reunion with all your friends who are home for break, there’s a good chance that they’ll bring some of their new college friends with them.

“Last spring break I went to a party with a bunch of my old friends from high school and one of my best guy friends brought his roommate home with him,” says Natalie, a sophomore at the University of Oregon. “I had seen Facebook pictures of him before and I thought he was super cute. I really wanted to talk to him, so I pulled my friend aside and asked if he’d casually introduce us. We ended up talking for a good majority of the party!”

How to Approach Him

Spring break is way too short to wait for the guy to approach you, so don’t be afraid to make the first move! Ask your friend to introduce you to her good-looking friend from college, or single out a cute guy and ask him to spot you while you climb the rock wall at your gym. You never know what kind of cute boys will be waiting for you when you decide to try something new!

It’s not a bad idea to figure out which of your friends are going to be home for the break. It’s an even better idea to find out which ones are bringing home cute friends with them. Your friends will definitely be your best assets when it comes to making a spring break fling happen, so don’t hesitate to ask them! If you let a friend know you might be interested in her cute friend, she’ll definitely pass along the message.

The best part about an at-home spring break fling is that if you two really hit it off, there’s a good chance you can turn your fling into the real thing once you go back home for the summer!

 If You’re Going on a Trip

So you and your best girlfriends decided to take the plunge and hit up one of the popular spring break destinations for some weeklong fun. When you pick a well-known spring break location, there’s bound to be tons of guys who are looking to have a good time, so finding a cute guy to flirt with should be a piece of cake!

Where to Look

The beach is one of the best places to search if your spring break destination happens to be warm and tropical; there will definitely be tons of guys to talk to! Whether you’re tanning during the day, going to a bonfire at night or taking a long stroll through the sand, there will always be something going on and plenty of new people to socialize with.

“I went on a trip to Cancun with all my friends last spring break, and there were a ton of people partying on the beach at all times,” says Hannah, a junior at University of Washington. “We would all wake up, immediately throw on our bathing suits, head down to the beach and usually stay there all day. That was definitely the place where everyone wanted to be. It was really fun!”

If you need a break from the beach, you can also look for local events happening in your area, like concerts or carnivals that you can attend. With all your girlfriends in tow, you’re bound to find a group of cute guys who would be willing to tag along to an outdoor concert or accompany you on a fun day trip to a local tourist attraction. TripSmarter.Com is a great place to search for spring break concerts and activities as well as good restaurants and local hot spots!

Be on the lookout for attractive guys who are staying in your hotel as well. The place you’re staying at will probably be swarming with college kids who are all looking to have a good time, just like you. If you meet a totally attractive guy in the elevator on the way down to the lobby, don’t be afraid to ask him if he knows of anything cool going on later that night. He may have the inside scoop on which club is having the best dance party that night, and he might even invite you and your friends to accompany him and his friends!

Maybe warm beaches aren’t really your scene, so you’re heading to a prime ski destination, like Vail or Salt Lake City, for your weeklong break. Sunscreen and beach volleyball won’t exactly work in this location when trying to get the attention of a good-looking dude, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend your break skiing the slopes solo. Whether it’s a group of college snowboarders or a hot ski instructor you talk to, there’s plenty of potential for some flirty fun.

If you’re hitting the slopes, you may be able to find a cute guy to help you navigate the bunny hill or give you a hand when you totally eat it on your snowboard.

How to Approach Him

While the atmosphere will most likely be incredibly social, you may still need an excuse to approach a guy. Ask him to join your beach volleyball game or see if he can put some sunscreen on that one spot on your back that you can never seem to reach. When you’re on a spring break trip, you don’t even really need a legitimate excuse to approach a guy, but it’s always nice to have one just in case!

“There were a ton of college students there [Cancun],” Hannah says. “It was pretty easy to meet guys. Everyone was very social and just looking to have a good time, so you really didn’t need an excuse to approach anyone. The guys were just looking to hook up and the girls were just looking to flirt. Everyone knows the drill, so there’s really no awkward introductions.”

If you’re somewhere where the weather is a little more on the chilly side, then you and your friends can invite a group of guys to take a late-night dip in the hotel’s hot tub with you, or scope out which ski instructor is the cutest and sign up for a lesson! Don’t be afraid to be a little flirtier than normal, because once the week is over you’ll probably never see these guys again!

“I go skiing and snowboarding at Schweitzer [in Idaho] all the time with my friends, and there’s always a ton of hot snowboarders there,” says Katie, a sophomore at Gonzaga University. “Last time I went, there was this guy who was doing some really cool moves that I hadn’t learned yet, so I just went up and asked him if he’d teach them to me. He was more than happy to show me because I think it just gave him an excuse to show off. We had a lot to talk about, though, because we both love to snowboard so much!”

If your skiing/snowboarding technique isn’t quite Winter Olympics status, don’t let that deter you from striking up a conversation with a Shaun White wannabe. Maybe he won’t be able to teach you any insane snowboarding tricks, but you can always ask him to help you with the essentials, like how to stop or how to move five feet without face-planting in the snow.


Whether you’re at home or at an exotic location this spring break, there’s a ton of potential to meet some total hotties. Time to put yourself out there and perfect those flirting skills – make this spring break one that you’ll never forget! 

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