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15 Ways to Organize Your Life This Year


New year, new me…we get it. While we might have a huge list of things we hope to accomplish this year, some take a bit more effort than others. Getting organized, on the other hand, is made easy with these 15 DIY organization tips! All you need is a few minutes, and you’ll be on the way to starting your year off right!  

1. Cereal box drawer dividers

When you’re a collegiette on the go, keeping your desk nice and tidy might be the last thing on your mind. So take a day to ensure all of your desk essentials have a place to call home by crafting these adorable drawer dividers—made out of leftover cereal boxes—from iHeart Organizing.

2. Magnetic bowls

Tired of losing your bobby pins and earrings? Check that frustration off of your list with these magnetic bowls made by A Girl and a Glue Gun. You can throw them on the mini-fridge next to your bed or get a dry erase board to hang above your desk to guarantee you always know where these essentials are.

3. Hidden book storage

Does your roommate like to “borrow” (and never return) your jewelry? Then Sewing Barefoot’s hidden book storage is the perfect solution for you. Sure, you can buy these containers at a number of stores, but you can create this look for less. Just find some old hardcover books, take out their pages, hot glue the bindings together and you have a secret hideaway for all of your valuables!

4. DIY planner

The key to getting organized this year is to find a planner you can rely on. DIY Mama proves you don’t have to go out and spend $20 on a planner. Instead, you can buy a cute binder at any discount store (or raid the sale bins at your favorite stores). To keep track of your upcoming assignments, make an assignment list to put in your planner, similar to this one from Organized Charm. Trust us, having all your assignments on one paper and being able to check them off is such an amazing feeling! 

5. Makeup magnet board

This magnetic makeup board by Laura Thoughts is a cute and practical decoration. Just put magnets on the back of your favorite eyeshadows and stick them on any magnetic frame. You’ll never have to spend a half hour rummaging through your makeup bag again.

6. Recycled tin storage

Better Homes and Gardens shows us that we don’t have to completely regret eating a whole tin of Pringles while binge-watching Scandal. Just wrap one of these old tins in leftover wrapping paper and you have some adorable—and probably much-needed—storage space.

7. Sushi roll makeup brush organizer

Sushi lovers, rejoice! Irina’s Cute Box has an unconventional yet adorable way for you to store your makeup brushes—in a sushi mat! It’s a simple and cheap solution for the girl on the go.

8. Wire shower caddy storage  

Metal shower caddies aren’t just for the shower anymore. Better Homes and Gardens suggests hanging your caddy with a Command strip for instant storage.

9. Framed dry erase calendar

Calendars are one key to staying on track, but who said they have to be pitched after a year? Tangles and Tangents proves you can make a cute dry erase calendar for less than ten dollars, out of a cheap picture frame from Walmart. Add some colorful paper, and you have a lovely reusable calendar!

10. Over-the-fridge snack caddy

These over-the-fridge snack caddies from Buzzfeed are a lifesaver, but you don’t need to pay the Pottery Barn prices in order to get one. Cut up a fabric shoe caddy and drape it over your mini fridge to store your plates, napkins and utensils!

11. Book phone charger

You can't exactly leave your phone lying around in any old place. Thanks to Caught On A Whim, you can charge your phone in secrecy. Just hollow out an old book, and you have the perfect hiding space for your phone.

12. Cork wall squares

These cork wall squares are all the rage, especially if you need to keep your dorm room walls intact. CharmBeauty111 is here to help with this stylish alternative to a huge cork board. Simply add a little wrapping paper or fabric to turn these squares into wall art.

13. Chanel makeup brush holder

Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars on a Chanel bottle when you can make your own for less than five dollars? Mara Bee DIY proves that a trip to the discount store and a printed label make for the cutest makeup brush holder in the game! 

14. Memory jar

Sometimes it’s the little things we want to remember the most. Start your year off right with these printables from Vicky Barone, and create your own memory jar. Write down one great thing that happens each day of the year; then, open and read all of your favorite memories on January 1st of next year!

15. Clipboard hangers

VasseurBeauty shows us how to turn drab clipboards into a snazzy display for all of your A+ papers—think of it as motivation for the coming year. Wrap the clipboards in wrapping paper and hang them above your desk for a reminder of just how amazing you really are! 

It’s time to get organized, collegiettes!

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