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6 Reasons to Attend SXSWedu This March


Believe it or not, there is more to life than love, sex and ABC Thursday nights…thank you, Shonda Rhimes. As you carry on your college journey as an education major, you’re going to need to start making moves and experiencing the dreaded adult world. Cue the *but I don’t want to be an adult* whine. SXSWedu is your perfect transition for stepping out into the real world of education.

You probably know about South by Southwest (SXSW) because of its music and film festivals. Although those are awesome and fun, SXSWedu has much to offer outside of entertainment. SXSWedu is a branch of SXSW that focuses on the innovations and fast-growing technology of education. Keep reading. It gets better. World renowned educators, CEOs and entrepreneurs are brought in from all over the world to showcase their genius expertise so you, as growing students, can benefit when becoming a teacher, counselor, educator, etc. Here are six reasons why you should take time out of your day to come to this year’s SXSWedu:

1. Beyoncé will be there

Just kidding. BUT there will be awesome keynote speakers that have flown out just to speak at this event. These speakers are all consolidated in one area so you can get the most out of your time at SXSWedu. You might not know who these speakers are, but that’s okay. Pushing yourself to experiences outside of your knowledge is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself as a student. I promise you will be inspired by what they have to say, leaving you to go out and conquer the education world like the badass you are.

2. A playground for people your age

Not quite like recess, but possibly better. The Playground is a part of SXSWedu that basically lets you explore with other people like yourself. The creative energy in the Playground has no limits and allow you to discover and participate in your individual interests. There are displays, talks and hands-on presentations. Who needs monkey bars and slides, when you can play with 3D pens and build your own circuits. Better than recess, right?

3. The smartest startup competition

Think Shark Tank. This is real life Shark Tank, people! Early-stage companies seeking feedback, investment and potential partnerships are chosen to participate in a startup competition. As a bystander, I can tell you that the future of education is going in a direction you’ve never seen before. You could be using these ideas that are showcased in startup competition in your classroom when you become a teacher. Think of it as a sneak peak into the future. Do you feel cool yet? Because you should.

4. Free Expo!

Not all of us know exactly what we want to do with our lives going through college and that is perfectly fine. The SXSWedu Expo is an event designed to encourage and inspire learners of all ages to identify and reach their education and career goals. This is a great way to expose yourself to possible career paths. It’s also FREE. There might be FREE FOOD too. I knew I could get your attention with that one. Guess you’ll have to find out for yourself.

5. One-on-one mentors

Aside from the Expo, SXSWedu also facilitates one-on-one meetings between experienced professionals and interested attendees. From classroom teachers and professors to industry insiders and CEOs, the mentors at SXSWedu are ready to share their insights with you. All you have to do is attend and sign up. This gives students like you a way to ask any questions they have to those experienced in the area you are interested in working in.

6. Party time

Aside from this all, there is always a time to relax and socialize. SXSWedu hosts social and networking events to celebrate the innovation and creativity in education. Conference-wide mixers, meet-ups, parties and lounges are tailored to network and connect with your fellow attendees. This is a perfect way to start making relationships with people who can help you out throughout your career, whether it’s with a job or even just advice. You never know. You could be mingling over drinks with your next boss, co-worker, or intern.


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