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7 Flirty Texts to Send Him


Wooing just isn’t the same as it used to be. While we love when Mom regales us with stories of life as a Collegiette circa 1980, we can’t help but go a little green with envy when we hear about the simplicity of the dating scene. If he was into you, he called. If he wasn’t, he didn’t. With all of today’s technology at our fingertips, things have only gotten more complicated. Should you text him first? Will smiley faces come off as cute and endearing or lovey-dovey and creepy? Should there be a moratorium on Emojis?

When it comes time to navigate the texting world, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to make it clear that you’re searching for a FWB or want to communicate that you’re girlfriend material, one of our favorite flirtatious texts can get your message across (without scaring him off)!

“This class would be so much better if you were in it with me.”

Texting in class may be a no-no, but texting about a class after class is more than just acceptable: it’s genius. Chatting him up on the subject of your coursework kills two birds with one stone by firstly, giving him hints about your interests and academics, and secondly, making it crystal clear that you want to spend more time with him. Even better, you’re letting him know that you’re thinking about him when he isn’t around. If you haven’t talked about your classes at all before and feel like you’d be coming out of left field with this one-liner, however, just modify the text to fit a more universal activity like seeing a movie, going to a party, or studying in the library (e.g., “Studying in the library would be so much less boring if you were here, too”).

“Are you up for a library date?”

While we’re on the subject of libraries, we can’t help but take a moment to sing its praises: there is no place quite like the library, a comfy retreat where campus cuties and collegiettes can come together to make small-talk and catch each other’s eyes sans awkward first date jitters. Asking a guy to study with you is innocent enough that you won’t come off like a stage-5 clinger, but by using the word “date” – key word! – you casually hint that you’re interested in more than just his superb note-taking abilities.

A photo of an event flyer + “Any chance you’re into [insert event here]?”

You see them every day: those flyers plastered around campus telling you to join this club, attend that lecture series, dance at this concert, take a seat at that open mic night, etc., etc. Chances are you don’t follow up on half of them, and that’s okay – you’re a busy collegiette! But open events like these are the perfect way to cozy up to your crush. A photo of the flyer is eye-catching and infinitely more exciting than a text that only explains the event. Plus, he’ll know you went out of your way to make an effort and invite him to something you knew might interest him!

“I had an awesome time with you when we hung out. Let’s repeat that, please!”

Translation: “I can’t stop thinking about you and have no intention of stopping anytime soon, so let’s hang out.” Whether you chatted outside of the classroom, grabbed a coffee together, or engaged in the DFMO to end all DFMOs, you’re making it clear that you’re hungry for more without coming across as a creeper. By saying, “Let us” instead of, “Do you want to?” you eliminate the awkwardness of the follow-up text. Now the two of you are an “us” without ever having to have “the talk.” Works like magic.

“So tell me honestly: do you wake up with your hair looking that perfect or do you have some kind of secret? My lips are sealed.”

This text can be manipulated to fit the cutie in question. Variations include, “Are your arms naturally that nice or do you work out?” or “Are you naturally this witty or are you holding the improv troupe hostage?” Like us, guys love a little ego-stroking every once in a while. Compliment him on something he’s proud of, tease him a bit... hook, line, and sinker.

“I started to text you about grabbing a coffee this morning, but I got distracted. Rain check?”

If you’re fresh out of inspiration and have nothing else to say, turn to this last resort. The text is essentially fool-proof, and the genius lies in the fact that you’ve successfully made it seem like grabbing coffee together was really his idea (and that you were too busy living your fabulous life to attend). The question of actually going out for said coffee is already decided; now it’s just a question of when.

A blank text

Have something to say? Sometimes silence is the best policy (and a little mystery never hurt anyone). If you’re too nervous to start up a conversation all by yourself, “accidentally” send him a blank text. Chances are, he’ll eventually text you back asking if you had meant to say something, and when that moment comes, surprise him with, “Oops, accident! How are things going with you, though?” He may or may not see through your “innocent” act, but even if he guesses that you did it on purpose, he’ll be flattered by the fact that you wanted to talk to him. Then all that’s left for you to do is chat!


As Victor Hugo once wrote, “The first symptom of true love in a young man is timidity; in a girl it is boldness.” Be bold. Drop some heavy hints. Then drop some heavier hints. The texting world is no place for timidity anyway, so tailor a flirty text to fit your crush and press send!

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