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18 Times Meredith & Cristina Were Friendship Goals


There is no bond that can compare to a girl and her best friend, especially Meredith and Cristina.  Whether it be the bad decisions, constant support or brutal honesty that these two share, one thing is always for sure: they are each other's number one fans.  You can throw any obstacle at these two and they will tackle it together.  They are basically conjoined at the hip and constantly thriving off of each other.  There are so many memorable moments between these two that Grey's Anatomy has blessed us with and hopefully many more to come!  Here are 18 of the times when Meredith and Cristina were SO goals!  

1. When they danced it off

One of the many things that this dynamic duo is notorious for.  Sometimes you just have to pretend that your troubles don't exist for a second; and what better way to do that than to dance like nobody's watching? 

2. When they helped each other through heartbreak

There comes a point in every friendship when you need to prove to your friend that she is better than the person who hurt her.  Giving reassurance becomes so much easier when it's for the sake of your "person." 

3. When they pictured themselves growing old together

Are you really best friends if you haven't joked about having wheelchair races in your nursing home someday?  A true friendship isn't meant to be temporary, but last a lifetime.

4. When they survived a plane crash together

Though you and your bestie may not experience something quite as dramatic together, this surely represents all of the ups and downs that occur within a friendship.  In the end, you always realize how much you love and appreicate them.  You truly couldn't survive without each other. 

5. When they just chilled and enjoyed nature together

Because what better feeling is there than being carefree and enjoying the fresh air while sharing a good laugh with your partner in crime?

6. When Meredith helped out Cristina even though she shaved her eyebrows off

True friends still love you even when your eyebrows aren't on fleek.  Then they help cut you out of your wedding dress after you get left at the alter.  (Again, maybe a little dramatic).  

7. When wine was the deal breaker

Are you really best friends if you don't support each other's wine addictions?

8. When they were bums together

Because who actually enjoys getting ready and going out into the real world?  You know you're best friends if you are perfectly content with sitting under piles of blankets, turning into living chipotle burritos, and doing absolutely nothing together for hours on end.  

9. When they snuck a flask onto the baseball field

Baseball...Bseball...Bsebl...GtDrk...Get Dn...Get Drunk. Basically the same thing, right?  Best friends might not always make the most smart team, but definitely the most fun!

10. When Derek and Meredith basically added Cristina to their marriage

True best friends never let a boy get between them... in some cases, literally.  

11.  When they agreed on the most accurate statement

True friends share the same thoughts...or both just share the gift of common sense.

12.  When they combined work and play

Because whoever said you can't take some shots while studying the anatomy of a brain was so wrong and these two proved it.  

13. When they vent to each other. All the time.  About everything.

Because when she's your best friend you don't even have to pretend that you're listening to her.  You two can go back and forth complaining and completely disregarding each other but it's 100 percent acceptable.  

14. When they stole grapes from the nurses' lounge

You aren't truly best friends if you don't go to extreme lengths for food. Being bad never felt so good. 

15. When they were each other's person

Being someone's person isn't just being their friend; it's a commitment... it's a lifestyle.  

16. When they saved a life together... no big deal.

You haven't truly shared a special moment with your friend until you two actually created a heart beat and brought a person back to life.

17.  When they partied like it was the weekend

Best friends are down to cause trouble with you any day of the week.  

18. When they crafted together even though they both suck at crafting

You simply can't deny the fact that no matter how bad you are at crafting, you and your best friend always end up resorting to it when you're bored.  On the bright note, you can feed off of each other's terrible crafting skills and maybe make something decent!  


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