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The 15 Stages of Your New Year's Resolution


New Year's is the time to reminisce about the year that has passed and make room for an even greater year to come. It's also the time to buckle down and commit to yet another New Year's resolution, aka a life improvement that we should really make, but we all know will most likely die off before March. Every year it’s the same: We start out totally pumped to get healthy/an SO/a job, etc., but more often than not things don’t actually go according to plan. Here are the typical stages of your New Year's resolution.

1. This is the year when I become my best self!

2. Who needs alcohol and carbs? Not me!

3. I’m finally gonna put this gym membership to good use!

4. Running isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

5. How has it only been two weeks…

6. How am I supposed to last an entire year?!

7. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.*

*Except pizza and chocolate and bacon and guacamole and cheese and donuts.

8. So what if I skip the gym? Napping is good for you, too.

9. Alright, maybe I’ve cheated the past few weeks, but next week I’ll get back on track.

10. I. Hate. Running.

11. I wish cheese was a vegetable.


13. Alright, I'm gonna give this one more shot.

14. I've come to the conclusion that anyone who says they genuinely enjoy working out is a liar and/or needs therapy.

15. Maybe I’ll just make my New Year's resolution to read more or something else that doesn’t involve all this suffering…

So maybe your New Year's resolution didn’t last all year…or maybe it didn’t even last a month. But it’s the effort that counts, and hey, at least you tried, right? There’s always next year!

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