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The 5 Guys You’ll Meet on Spring Break


You’ve picked out the perfect swimsuit. You’ve been working on your bikini bod for the past few weeks and planning your trip for the last six months. It’s time for spring break… and a new guy pool! Between the sunny days and breezy nights, there is plenty of mingling to be done. Here are five guys you are sure to meet on your sun-soaked adventure this spring.

1. The Straggler

He’s cute and he’s charming, but you’re not exactly sure who he is. You’re not sure whom he came with or whom he knows, but he always seems to be there. Most likely wearing a cheesy graphic tee with mismatched swim trunks, he’s made friends with you and all your friends, but his origins are still unknown.

Oddly loveable, this fellow is always down for adventure. Because he doesn’t seem to have a group of his own to coordinate with, he is up for anything. Boogie boarding, parasailing—the sky is the limit! His nomadic air and adventurous spirit make him the perfect party pal. Just don’t be surprised if he’s a part of your posse one day and gone the next.

2. The Party Animal

This guy stands out among the throng of bros chilling in the sun. Wearing Chacos, pastel swim trunks and a visor, he’ll be the one egging you on to bong the next beer. Feel free to decline his generous offer.

There’s no such thing as “taking a break” for this wild child. He’s ready to have the sickest week of his life, and he wants everyone to have the same experience. This ringleader is a great guy to know because he will always know the hottest party spots and will even have backup plans in case the destination turns out to be a dud.

Whether he’s rallying the troops at the end of the night to have another beer or searching for his Ray Bans the next morning because he went a little too hard, you’ll recognize this guy. And the party’s not over until he says it’s over.

3. The Guy Who’s Just Along for the Ride

This guy is the epitome of what it means to “tag along.” Spring break sounded like an interesting concept back in October when his friends first talked to him about flocking south. He figured hitting the beach would be more fun than spending a week at home getting ahead on upcoming assignments. This guy just wants to see what all the hype is about.

You can find this dude toward the back of the pack, soaking up the experience without getting directly involved, wearing an understated, plain, white T-shirt and sun-faded swim trunks from last summer. Comfort and mobility are his style goals; he never knows what his friends may try to get him to do.

While he may be a little more hesitant to join in the fun simply because he’s out of his element, that doesn’t mean he won’t try. You may have to be the one to offer him a drink instead of the other way around, but once you get him warmed up, he’ll be the life of the party in no time.

4. The Townie

A bunch of college kids coming to the beach for a week of lighthearted decadence is only appealing to one type of guy: The Townie. This guy lives for spring break season, when thousands of girls flock to his local beach.

A tad older than the rest of your crowd, he has this inviting, casual air around him. His intriguing, legitimately vintage T-shirt and hemp necklace almost allow you to forgive him for wearing khaki cargo pants. Almost.

For him, you are part of a new, transient babe pool, and he is ready to dive in. This is his spring break as much as it is yours. From late nights at the bar to casual walks on the boardwalk, this is his chance to show you what his town really has to offer. He’ll probably offer to teach you how to surf or invite you to dine with him at the best sushi restaurant in town.

While he may occasionally be sporting a “been there, done that” expression on his face, the opportunity for him to show off in his element is sure to make him come alive.

5. The Creepy Old Guy

This guy is a spring break staple. An older, slightly creepier version of the townie, this leathery local seems to always be conveniently sunning himself wherever you and your friends are at the beach.

While he may be wearing clothes that don’t fit his age (or his beer belly), he’s a potentially harmless, people-watching local just trying to catch some rays. He even told you about the local diner where you can get the cheapest, most delicious late-night food in town. But he may cross a line when he steps up to shotgun the next beer with your guy friends. Just casually laugh and find an excuse to walk away… Oh! Is that a bird eating the turkey wrap you left out on your towel?!


The guys you meet on spring break are one of a kind, and they always spice up any situation. No matter what their type may be, if you feel comfortable hanging out with them, go for it. It’s spring break, and the week is full of surprises!

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