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17 Signs You're a Northerner at a Southern School


Growing up above the Mason-Dixon line and going to a southern college can show you a whole new world. Between learning new words and eating new foods, you've definitely had to adapt to life here in the south. Here are 15 signs you're a northerner at a southern school:

1. Everyone talks a bit slower

2. People seem nicer in general...

3. Your road rage doesn't fit in

4. You lost your Chick-fil-A virginity freshman year

5. ...and had your first experience with grits in the dining hall

6. Y'all became a word in your vocabulary

7. It's now normal to call people sir and ma'am

8. You got used to seeing Confederate flags

9. Cowgirl boots became a staple in your wardrobe

10. You gained a greater appreciation for country music

11. Which also translated into a greater appreciation for country boys...

12. Burnetts and Busch became weekend staples

13. You learned how to play stump

14. Tailgating became your new favorite sport

15. You started seeing a lot more camouflage

16. And drinking a lot more sweet tea

17. And you always have something to count on!

Although we're bred with northern blood, we wouldn't give up our southern schools for anything! What's your favorite part about going to school in the south, collegiettes?

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