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The 23 Most Embarrassing Situations That Happen in College


College is filled with some of your best memories... and also some of your worst! With your busy social calendar and deadline after deadline, it's hard to keep poised all the time. You will definitely to have a couple laughable, embarrassing college moments. Keep reading to see which moments are bound to happen to you (or already have)! 

1. Spilling coffee on yourself and having a stain on your shirt for the whole day.

My shirt is totally meant to look this way.   

2. When you get called out for sleeping in a 300-person lecture.

Nightmares from this will keep you up for weeks!

3. Having someone point out that you wore that same outfit yesterday.

Why are you watching what I wear so closely anyway?

4. Dropping your tray in the dining hall. 


This spaghetti better not leave a stain!

5. Asking a question and realizing the answer is on the syllabus. 

Don’t worry- everyone does this at least once.

6. Letting your team down at flip cup. 

At least it’s an excuse to get more practice.

7. When your laptop randomly starts playing music while you’re in the library.

You’ll never forget to turn off the sound again.

8. Learning what you did last night while you were drunk out of your mind.

I said WHAT to him?!

9. When your phone starts ringing in class.

Hopefully you’re professor didn’t say anything sassy.

10. Sending an email to the entire class instead of one student. 

And then having to send another one saying “sorry for the spam”.

11. Walking into class late and everyone noticing.

Don’t pay attention to me, pay attention to the lecture!

12. When you forget your pencil so you have to take notes with a sharpie.

At least it will be very read-able.

13. Having that one squeaky chair in the library.

No one- not even you- can concentrate with this noise.  

14. Bringing all your plates from your room to the kitchen to wash them.

Don’t. Judge. Me.

15. Having to explain the meaning of the drunken text that you sent last night.

Make sure you say “sorry” at least ten time.

16. Having to sneeze in the quiet section of the library.

And of course everyone just has to stare at you.

17. Making awkward eye contact with that Tinder match you didn’t message back.

Where’s the nearest exit?!

18. Calling your professor the wrong name by accident.

Worse if you call them “mom” or “dad.”

19. When you have to tell last night's hook up you want them to leave.

I can walk you to the door if you can't find it! 

20. Walking into the wrong classroom when there’s a class going on.

And of course everyone notices when you try to sneak back out.  

21. Getting caught taking shameless selfies.

The lighting was so good I just had to! 

22. Being tagged in embarrassing photos from the party last night.

Let’s hope mom didn’t see!

213. Getting asked a question in class that you have no idea how to answer.

Maybe if you don’t respond, the professor will ask someone else.

No matter how embarrassing or awkward something might be, remember to keep your head held high! There's nothing that a bit of laughter and maybe some venting to the besties can't solve. Just remember how fabulous you are- always keep doing you! 

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