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10 Festive Ways to Style Short Hair During the Holidays


When you have short hair, it can be difficult to do your hair in a fancy style or look. During the holidays, you want to dress things up and get your fancy on—and fortunately, there are so many more ways than you could EVER imagine to style your short locks! These tutorials will help you figure out the perfect fancy hairstyle for all of your holiday parties. 

1. Back Tuck

This simple style is so elegant. Simply pull your hair back, twist once to help anchor your strands, and then roll and tuck it in the middle. Pin it with bobby pins or a pretty barrette to secure it!

2. Half Knot Up-do

This look is so easy—take the upper half of your hair, and twist it into a mini messy bun. One of our favorites! 

3. Side Braid

Take a chunk of hair from the front and pull it into a simple braid. Pin the braid to the side, and curl the rest of your hair! 

4. French Braid

Create a French braid close to your scalp, and pin the tail behind your ear. Fancy! 

5. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are our favorite! They make any hair style look so much fancier.

6. Deep Part

Deep part your hair on the opposite side that you normally do for extra volume and oomph. Once all your volume is established, curl all your hair, and hairspray it to keep it in place.

7. Beach Waves

Beach waves are so cute, and they turn any holiday look into a classy, relaxed style. 

8. The Double Up

This tutorial shows you how to do this sweet style. Use glittery clips to make things even more festive. 

9. Braided Mohawk

This tutorial shows you how to create the prettiest braided mohawk updo—which makes it look like you have way more hair than you do! 

10. Pinup Look

Highlight your face by pulling back the front bits of your hair into a pouf. Use fancy, shiny pins to hold your hair in place! 

When in doubt, toss a sparkly headband into your hair, or pin it back with a bejeweled clip!

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