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13 Signs You Need to Get Some Sleep


Welcome to midterm season, collegiettes!  Some say it's the least wonderful time of the year; late-night cram sessions, more caffeine than can possibly be healthy for you and, yes, a severe lack of sleep, are all symptoms of this period of pre-spring-break mayhem. Take a break to check out what you might already be aware of: signs that you really need to get more sleep.

1. You’ve spent more hours in the library than in your apartment this week.

2. You're so out of it that you have developed the tendency to walk into things.

3. There is literally only one thing on your mind.

4. Everything is suddenly funnier than it would be if you were well-rested.

5. Every time you close your eyes, all you see is your bed.

6. It's really, really hard to stay focused in class. 

7. You've tried to brush your teeth with something that was definitely not toothpaste. 

8. People have said “You look tired” to you more times than your exhausted brain can count.

9. You feel so exhausted and emotional that the smallest things make you cry.

10. Everything everyone does ever is starting to irritate you.

11. You’ve consumed so much coffee recently that you FINALLY reached Starbucks Gold status.

12. Every class, every hour and every day feels like an eternity.

13. Your decision-making skills are so impaired that you decided it was a good idea to buy an Air Curler. 

Just go take a nap. You'll thank yourself later. 

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