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9 Purrfect Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lady


There are only two types of people in the world: those who are cat people, and those who are... well, monsters. Because how could you not:

Since we're not all Blake Lively and definitely don't have the skills required to bake a cat-themed pie, we'll have to take a different route when gifting. So we did the work for you (really, it was our pleasure) to find all the best, most adorable kitty-inspired gifts so you can get the cat lovers in your squad the purrrrrfect present this holiday season.

1. A mug that speaks the truth

Mug, $15, Society6

Here's all you need to live the perfect life.

2. The ultimate cuddle buddy

Custom Pet Pillow, $58, Brit+Co

Have a friend who's forced to be away from her REAL bestie while she's at school? Get her the next best thing—a customized pillow featuring her bae. Bonus: a cat pillow won't struggle to get away when you're just trying to love on it.

3. Festive & feisty

Wildfox Meowy Christmas Sweatshirt, $98, Saks Fifth Avenue

There's no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a cute kitten in a Santa hat.

4. A cat that just gets us

Little Cat iPhone Case, $35, Society6

Is there a college woman who doesn't totally identify with this statement? This phone case is just a daily reminder that you're not alone, because at least you have this cat.

5. The cat pack every girl wants

Lovecats Ring, $32, Catbird

Pick up a full litter of kitty rings to stack (or share them among your friends)—the delicate gold ring makes for a perfect everyday piece, but as dainty as it is, it certainly doesn't lack in personality—sounds like every cat we know.

6. Acknowledging your inner cat

Right Black Cat Ya Headband, $12.99, Modcloth

This sweet headband proves that cat ears are made for more than just Halloween.

7. All-day access to kittens

Kitty Cat Minx Nail Art, $20.95, Zazzle

What's not to love about having kittens at your fingertips?

8. Cats can be feminists, too

Cats Against Catcalls T-Shirt, $29.95, Feminist Apparel

Have a friend who's just as passionate about feminism as she is about cats? Combine all her faves into one with this feminist kitten tee.

9. Have a glass of catbernet

Cat Philosophy Wine Glasses, $35.99, Wayfair

Always do what you want... and most importantly, remember that it's not drinking alone if the cat is home.

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