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16 Things All Only Children Will Understand


Most days, growing up an only child is the best. But not having siblings also comes with its fair share of problems. Here are some things that you'll definitely relate to if you're the oldest AND the youngest in your family.

1. Sharing your stuff has been a learning curve

Having a roommate or two in college definitely cured you, though.

2. People have the worst misconceptions about you


3. You're actually super independent, FYI, Psychologist Alfred Adler

Moving to college was that much easier for you.

4. You actually enjoy spending time by yourself

People just refuse to understand that you'd rather walk home alone.

5. You're really close to your parents

Dating advice is part of the package.

6. Your parents are a little lost now that you've moved out

Their world has lowkey revolved around you for a while, so your departure prompted a bit of an identity crisis.

7. You were kind of the parent in the family, TBQH

You were very mature for your age.

8. You've always wondered what it would be like to have siblings

9. Then again, you never had to deal with the responsibilities of being the eldest

10. Or the struggles of being the middle child

You're the oldest AND the cutest!

11. You found surrogate brothers and sisters

Your friends are family.

12. You always have to choose the restaurant

...and the movie.

13. The holidays are a glorious season

14. So yeah, you may be a tiny bit spoiled

15. But you're a very lovable brat!

16. Basically, you're awesome

"Only children are the best children." -Science

What's your favorite thing about being an only child, collegiettes?

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