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What It’s Like To Be In College, As Told By Our Favorite Disney Characters


When you went on your first college tour, you were so pumped to be there.

Then you get to college ready to have the best grades, social life, and dating life ever.

But the campus is enormous.

And you think your dorm is going to be like,

But really, it’s the size of a jail cell.

Not to mention, sometimes you walk into your room and your roommate… isn’t alone.

And you’re just like,

Oh, and the dorm showers are freezing.

And you get to the dining hall and the food is like,

But somehow you manage to gain the Freshman 15 anyways.

At the beginning of the semester, you couldn’t be more excited about your classes!

But then you get one of those professors who’s like,

Or one who is terrifying.

So you try to take notes in class like a good student.

But all of a sudden you get a bunch of papers and exams all at once.

So you prep for your exam like a boss.

…Even when your friends distract you in the library.

And you walk in confident that you’re going to pass.

But you get your grade back and you’re like,

So you go to the professor’s office hours and you’re like,

But your professor is just like,

And then there’s the dating scene in college.  In high school, you couldn’t wait to meet college guys!

You expect college dating to be like,

But really it’s full of frat guys.

You try to flirt with a guy and think you look like this,

When really you look like this,

And there’s always that girl who tries to steal your guy and you’re just like,

There’s that guy who only sends you booty call texts…

…and you respond anyways.

And there’s the guy who doesn’t text you at all and you’re like,

So you find another guy.

And this time he’s a keeper (if you’re lucky).

Frat parties were a mystical thing in high school.  You think they’re going to be all like,

And you walk in the house all dressed up ready to get your flirt on.

But frat parties are really like,

And there’s always that one creepy guy hitting on you

And you’re just like,

And after a little too much Jungle Juice, you walk home like,

And then all of a sudden it’s your senior year, and people start asking you what you’re planning on doing with your liberal arts major.

And you’re just like,

And then you start worrying about finding a job after graduation.

To quote Jane…

And then you actually have to graduate, and you have no idea where the time went.

It turns out, between the tiny dorms, the nasty dining hall food, those crazy classes, the parties, and the dating snafus, you made a lot of great memories in college.

Do we really have to graduate?



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