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12 Gifts Only Writers & Readers Will Appreciate


Looking for the perfect gift for your bookworm bestie? We've got great gift ideas for English majors, aspiring novelists and library enthusiasts. Not any old book will do for your bibliophile friends!

1. One Bella Casa Go Read a Book Pillow ($45)

Sometimes a girl needs a little motivation when it comes to reading that enormous Victorian novel. Let this pillow do the talking. 

2. Paddywax Jane Austen Library Candle ($21)

This Jane Austen-inspired candle smells like gardenia, jasmine and tuberose. Light it up for a cozy night in, Pride and Prejudice in hand. 

3. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit ($16)

Never lend a book again without this handy library kit. It's got checkout cards, a date stamp and more. 

4. Out of Print Banned Books Pouch ($12)

This adorable pouch is perfect for stowing your writing supplies. 

5. Obvious State Ernest Hemingway Mini Notebook ($6)

Pay tribute to the man who invented your finals-and-midterm-paper philosophy: Write drunk, edit sober. 

6. Literary Scarf ($48)

Wrap yourself in your favorite words. These scarves come in Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland and Wuthering Heights

7. mental_floss I'm an English Major T-Shirt ($24.99)

Just in case everyone in your statistics class needs a reminder you're just there for the distribution requirement. 

8. Bookworm Shower Curtain ($68)

We don't advise bringing your precious books into the shower, but this curtain is the next best thing. 

9. Rifle Paper Co. Little Women ($16)

We're all for a good book bargain, but sometimes you just want to splurge on a gorgeous hardcover like this one. 

10. Out of Print Pemberley Pennant ($12)


There's no better way to show off your literary spirit. 

11. Tequila Mockingbird ($14.99)

If you like booze and books (and trust us, your English major friend is down), this is the perfect gift. 

12. Typewriter Icon Mug ($14)

This old-school typewriter mug is perfect for when you're at your desk penning the next great American novel. 

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