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9 Instagram Pictures You're Probably Guilty of Taking


Instagram: allowing everyone with a vision and an iPhone to become an artist. Though it’s debated as to what the best filters are ("Rise" is my personal favorite) or which weekly trends should actually be acknowledged (stop trying to make #TransformationTuesday happen, Instagram, it’s not going to happen!), there are a few clichéd photos that you are sure to spot on your Instagram feed every day. The Her Campus team is here to show you 9 classic Instagram pictures that we bet you’re also guilty of taking.

First off, the Selfie.

Because some days you just look awesome and people should know it.

Bonus points for getting a cute baby in the shot.

Or your pet.

And then there’s the #NoFilter.

Because you are just so artsy that you don’t even need a filter.

Au naturale, guys, nbd.


Can’t forget the Inspirational Quote.

A good quote can lift your spirits for the day, as well as everyone else’s.

So inspiring!

Next there’s Nail Art.

Because your nail painting skills are top notch.

Bonus points if you actually did your nails yourself.

Everyone loves a good #TBT.

Why shouldn’t you throwback every Thursday, after all?

You were a really cute kid!

There’s also the Airplane Wing.

Because it’s really fun to make everyone jealous of your glamorous adventures.

You world traveler, you!

Then there’s the Outfit Shot.

Sometimes your outfit is so great that it would be crime not to share it!

If only everyone could be as chic as you.

Bonus points for rocking some Her Campus apparel in the shot.  

Let’s not forget to mention the Starbucks Order.

Because collegiettes love their caffeine.

And because it’s really funny when they get your name wrong.

Finally, my personal favorite, #FoodPorn.

Perfect for when we want to show off our health-conscious creations…

…and for when we want to make our followers salivate.

For adorable pics and all the #FoodPorn you can handle, be sure to follow @HerCampus on Instagram!

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