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10 Pawsome Gifts Every Dog Lover Needs


It seems as though everyone is a self-proclaimed cat lady these days, but where's the puppy love? If you're getting gifts for the dog lover in your life, and getting them an actual puppy isn't an option, we've got 10 suggestions that are sure to make them smile. 

1. Pawprint Scarf, $15

This scarf will keep any dog lover as cozy as if they're cuddled up right next to a soft pup. You can buy the one pictured, or get one from Scarves for Paws, where all proceeds for the handmade scarves go directly to animal shelters. Get a great gift and help animals all in one!

2. Dachshund Mug, $10

This adorable "Hot Dog, Hot Owner," mug is a perfect addition to the kitchen of your favorite dachshund owner. Who wouldn't want to sip coffee out of this in the morning while they're feeding the dogs? Not a dachshund owner? There's a Dog Mom mug available too. 

3. Custom Dog Ornaments, $30

This shop will recreate your dog on a holiday ornament. Created with beautiful acrylic paint, it's the kind of unique and thoughtful custom gift that says you really know the person you're giving it to.

4. Plush Pug, $40

These plush pugs are so adorable! They'd make an especially great gift for anyone who's away at college or studying abroad, because they can cuddle up with this stuffed pug while they're away from their furry best friend.

5. Paw Print Necklace, $38

This sterling silver paw print necklace is the cutest way to show the world how much you love your dog. Any puppy lover can't resist saying, "Awww," and keeping their tail-wagging love close to heart.

6. Pit Bull Watercolor, $15

For the friend in your life who can constantly be found defending pit bulls against the masses, this pit bull watercolor is the best way to showcase their love of this unfairly stigmatized breed. 

7. Dog Breed Necklace

IvyByDesign sells necklaces of a variety of dog breeds, accented with a cutout heart. They're too cute, and make a great statement piece and conversation starter. Whether you've got a friend who loves Pomeranians, German Shephards, or Goldendoodles, there's a have a wide selection to choose from. 

8. I Prefer Dogs Mug, $14

What dog lover wouldn't agree 100% with this mug? We can't get over how true this is, and neither will the dog lover you give it to.

9. My Dog Rescued Me Pillowcase, $16

Ideal for the pup rescuer in your life, this pillowcase will warm the heart of your favorite frequent animal shelter volunteer, or anyone who has adopted in the past.

10. Wine & Beagles Shirt, $25

Because who doesn't want to just drink wine and hang out with their dog? This shirt is just telling it like it is.

No matter if the dog lover in your life is into big dogs, little dogs, Huskies, or Chihuahuas, there's something for everyone. When in doubt, get a gift that's custom to their favorite dog breed. Throw in a few treats for their dog, too, and you've made everyone's holiday season "pawsome." 

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