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15 Signs You're April From 'Parks and Recreation'


April Ludgate is possibly one of the most moody, sarcastic television characters to ever exist (and that's why we love her). Read on to find out if this hilarious Parks and Recreation employee is actually your alter ego. 

1. Your sense of humor can be summed up in two words: "dry" and "sarcastic."

2. In fact, you’re bilingual: you speak deadpan sarcasm fluently.

3. You can always be counted on for a snarky comeback.

4. “Excitement” isn’t in your vocabulary.

5. Pretty much everything annoys you…

6. …but especially people.

7. You don’t do small talk.

8. You have a bit of an evil streak.

9. Alcohol is one of the only things that can put a smile on your face.

10. Almost everything that comes out of your mouth is an insult.

11. Your work ethic is nonexistent.

12. Excessive happiness disgusts you.

13. You are the queen of b*tchface.

14. You've also perfected the art of the eye roll.

15. But despite your hard exterior, you have a soft spot for the people who really matter to you. Sort of.

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