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The 6 Best Hairstyles Kylie Jenner Rocked in 2015


This year was quite a journey for Kylie Jenner. Between her relationship (and breakup) with Tyga, a lip color line that sold out in seconds and several features on the covers of many magazines, if anything, she's been on the move.

Regardless of what Kylie is up to day to day, we can always count on her to bring her beauty A-game, especially when it comes to her hair. As soon as we began to love one color or cut, she'd switch it up. It was definitely hard for us to keep up with each one of her hairstyles this year

We did have a few favorites, so we've rounded them up here to recap part of Kylie's hair journey in 2015.

Layered Black Bob 

Kylie kept it classy with this sleek and sophisticated cut. The layers give it extra dimension and vibrancy. 

Long and Blonde with Dark Roots 

Can you say volume?! Despite the dark roots, Kylie went the blonde bombshell route for her epic 18th birthday party.

Black Bob with Teal Ends 

We could never forget one of Kylie's most iconic styles of 2015, and the hilarious Vine based on this look that went viral. 

Pastel Blue Waves with Dark Roots 

This summer, Kylie experimented with this stunning pastel blue. The cotton candy hue gives us sweet summertime memories. 

Sleek and Mint Green with Dark Roots

After taking some time off from bold color by sticking with black and blonde, Kylie went mint green in September. 

Long, Black Waves

We adored this totally glam style, and it definitely takes the cake as one of our 2015 Kylie favorites. As if she didn't resemble Kim enough already, this style had us doing a double take.

What were you favorite Kylie hairstyles and colors in 2015? Tweet us @HerCampus and let us know!

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