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17 Things Every Girl Does to Procrastinate Studying


Finals week is coming up, which means work, studying and, more importantly, procrastinating. We can't help it. As hard as we try, YouTube videos of babies eating limes will always grab our attention more easily than statistics. Keep reading for a list of things we all do to procrastinate.

1. Watch every season of The O.C.

2. Argue with your friends that Seth Cohen is in fact way hotter than Ryan Atwood.

3. Creep on your friend's mom's friend's daughter's prom pictures.

4. Sit on your couch with your roommate in complete silence.

5. Read through and laugh at your own tweets.

6. Find a picture to Instagram and just stare at your phone waiting for likes.

7. Online shop until you overdraft.

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8. Check Facebook on your phone, then go on your computer and look at Facebook there, too.

9. Watch Friends bloopers from seasons one through 10.

10. Get into the weird part of YouTube.

A three-year-old who smokes a pack a day? Damn.

11. Cook a five-course meal for the first time ever instead of getting takeout.

12. Catch up on the past few episodes of The Kardashians and rant to your roommate about how Kourtney needs to cut Scott some slack.

13. Paint your nails and change your color choice at least three times.

14. Straighten your hair one strand at a time.

15. Try on every outfit in your closet to plan what to wear to a party you're going to in three weeks.

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16. Check your hair for split ends.

17. And just generally stare into empty space.

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