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The 15 Best Things About Celebrating Both Christmas & Hanukkah

With the holidays fast approaching and the ABC Family movies in full swing, we all can't help but get excited. The holidays is one of the best times of the year for many reasons. In the overarching battle between Christmas and Hanukkah, a very important minority is being left in the dust and that is, the people who celebrate both. The stress of choosing a side for these people is overwhelming. We here at Her Campus are here to ease your pain and say: You don't have to choose! You are arguably the luckiest out of all of us. So here you go! The 15 best things about celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah:

1.You get a menorah...

You'll get to explain to all of your friends why there are nine candles and only eight nights of Hanukkah.

2. AND a Christmas tree.

Because isn't that every kid's dream?

3. You learn patience...

Spreading out the gift giving to once a night over an eight night period proved to be the biggest test of patience you have encountered to this day.

4. AND instant gratification.

If tearing the nicely wrapped paper off of all of my presents in less than 30 seconds is wrong I don't want to be right.

5. You are blessed with latkes and Manischewitz...

Manischewitz > Eggnog

6. ...as well as milk and cookies.

The calories don't count if they're for Santa.

7. You get to enjoy 25 days of Christmas movies...

ABC Family coming through.

8. AND the overload of Christmas music...

Cue the Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock dancing.

9. All while still appreciating Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song.

Put on your yarmulkes, here comes Hanukkah.

10. It is totally acceptable to skip out on Christmas dinner and order Chinese food...

And by you I mean Chicken Lo Mein and Scallion Pancakes.

11. Or skip out on the festivities altogether and see a movie on Christmas day.

Take advantage of the lack of a refreshment line.

12. You can still garnish your yard in beautiful lights...

Santa will have no trouble finding your house.

13. AND enjoy all of the Starbucks Christmas festivities.


Thanks Nathan.

14. And of course double the presents!


We do too, Ang.

15. You get that extra special time with your family.


Enjoy this extra quality time, collegiettes. You'll be back on campus soon!

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