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5 Signs He's Interested That You're Not Noticing


Trying to figure out if a guy is interested in you can lead you down a confusing road. Sure, you could just flat out ask, but that takes away the fun of finding out if he’s crushing on you back. It can also be a frustrating process; especially if you don’t think he’s making his intentions very clear. Sure he’s flirting with you, but that could also just be his personality. If you think the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” describes your life, you might be surprised to find out that these signs are right in front of you.

Adam LoDolce, love expert and founder of SexyConfidence.com, a website where he helps the 21st century woman create a love life she loves, weighs in on the signs you may be missing!

1. He always “likes” your social media posts

Everyone gets excited when the guy they are crushing on likes their tweet, but usually it doesn’t mean much of anything—unless he’s doing it all the time. “If he likes all your Facebook posts that could be a sign he’s interested,” says LoDolce. If you’re continuously seeing his name under the likes on your social media, no matter what the post is about, it’s safe to say he’s taking a real interest in you. It might not set off any warning signs when you see his name in a list of Instagram likes, but it can actually mean he’s taking the time to keep up with your posts on a regular basis to learn more about you.

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2. He gets closer to your friends

Making the effort to get to know your circle of friends is a major signal that he is interested. “Becoming friends with your friends means that he’s trying to get closer to you and win the approval of those in your life,” says LoDolce. If you’re always together in a group setting it can be easy to miss this sign, so really pay attention to how he interacts with your friends. If he’s really taking the time to get to know them then he’s probably doing it so he has the opportunity to get to know you better as well.

3. He tries to act cool

Some guys might act nervous around a girl they like, but other guys might even come off as a little bit cocky. This doesn’t mean that they are like that all the time; instead it could mean that they are trying to impress you. “He always acted different around me than he did with our other friends,” says Jessie Young, a sophomore at New York University. “I could tell he was making more of an effort to come off as cool whenever I was around.” Don’t jump to conclusions when a guy shows you a new side of himself--there could be deeper meaning behind it!

4. His friends are in on it

If a guy is interested in a girl, he’s probably confided in his friends about it. If you start to notice his friends talking him up or trying to get you guys together, that’s a pretty telling sign that he has feelings for you. “I was at a party and his friends keep telling me all these funny stories about him and talking about how great of a guy he is,” says Elizabeth Darrah, a senior at Rutgers University. “I got the vibe that his friends were trying to hint that he was interested in me.” Pay attention to how his friends not only interact with you, but how they talk about him as well.

5. He asks a lot of questions

He can only ask you about your schedule so many times before things start becoming suspicious. “Asking meaningless questions is another sign, and proves he’s just looking for a reason to talk to you,” says LoDolce. It may seem like he’s just making conversation, but if you pay attention to the types of questions he is asking you might be able to catch on to his plan. If the questions get repetitive, he may be running out of ideas to get your attention—so take note!

Of course there are the obvious signs of flirting, but it’s the more subtle things that can really show just how interested he is. Instead of only looking for things like body language or playful teasing, start paying attention to other things he’s doing. If you take the time to notice these signs, you’ll be able to put together the pieces and confidently make your move—or at least let him know you’re interested in him too!

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