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8 Articles of Clothing that Demonstrate Just How Much You Love Food


Thanksgiving is unlike any other day of the year—we who worship food get the chance to overstuff ourselves with no sideways glances or double takes. Food receives all the glory, and we avoid any judgment. Win! For those of you who aren’t afraid to let your foodie flag fly on the regular, below are 8 articles of clothing that properly demonstrate your immense, undying love for food.

1. I want a pizza that

Oh… you thought that because we adore Thanksgiving we must be excellent cooks? Think again. We’re revealing our cardinal cooking rule with this Wildfox tee shirt dress ($88).

2. Destination: guac bottom

We may not agree with it, but believe us—we know guac is extra. With this adorbs Dogeared pouch from Shopbop ($24), we can totally stash leftover chips. Because who are we kidding? There just won’t be guac left when it’s all said and done.

3. Sundae special

No gal’s wardrobe is complete without a few printed dresses. And no human being’s life is complete without ice cream. Jackpot: ModCloth’s ice cream-printed dress ($79.99)!

4. But first…

One of our go-to sayings is now on a pair of socks; apparently, dreams really do come true! Whether we’re roaming around campus or lounging in leggings and a sweatshirt, we’ll most definitely be wearing these tube socks from Arthur George by R. Kardashian ($18). P.S. you’re not a true fan if this is the first time you’re hearing about Rob’s sock line.

5. The brunch club

What could possibly be better than breakfast? BRUNCH. Because you eat the same foods but much later in the day. You can thank Topshop’s Brunch Club tee ($38) for keeping the legacy of brunch alive.

6. Waffles, friends, work

Speaking of brunch, pancakes and waffles also exist to make life a little more worth living. And how cute is Betsey Johnson’s pancake mix crossbody bag ($78)? Follow-up question: does is come with pancakes and/or waffles?

7. Burger up

If you’re going to wear a ball cap, it better have a hamburger on it. Opening Ceremony’s cap ($40) is essential to every food lover’s wardrobe.

8. Matters of the health

So some of you like food but also like to remain healthy? We guess it’s not the strangest of ideas. Here’s a punny lettuce sweatshirt from REVOLVE Clothing ($64) to satisfy your cravings.

Which of these pieces speaks to your inner foodie, collegiettes?

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