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19 Gifts For Every Kind of Dad This Holiday Season


Shopping for Dad isn't always easy, so we've curated the ultimate gift guide for your number one guy. Whether your dad's a coffee afficionado or more the outdoorsy type, we've got something he'll love. Your dad deserves it, so show him some love this holiday season! 


Whiskey Stones & Gift Set, $20, available at Uncommon Goods

For the dad who likes his drinks (alcoholic and otherwise) on the rocks. Now his favorite beverage can be enjoyed ice cold, without getting watered down.

King of the Grill Kitchen Towel, $16.99, available at Gifts.com 

Any grillmaster would be proud to own this personalized "King of the Grill" towel! Just don't be offended when it inevitably ends up covered in BBQ sauce.


GrabOpener, $16, available at The Grommet

When your dad wants a beer, he deserves a beer! So get him this handy bottle opener that will let him crack open a cold one using just one hand.

Winston Set, $25, available at Harry's

Some dads just love a clean shave. Give your dad the gift of a smooth, well-kempt face this season with this shave set, complete with razor, foam gel, blades and travel cartridge.


On Beer and Food: The Gourmet’s Guide to Recipes and Pairings, $40, available at Anthropologie

If your dad's two true loves are food and beer, then this is the perfect gift to get him this year. Now his beer can complement his meal—best of both worlds!

Desktop Basketball, $35, available at Uncommon Goods

No matter how much he may love his job, everyone needs a break once in a while! Make his break extra fun with this desktop basketball game that will keep him entertained throughout the work week.

Reversible Tie Crosses Taupe, $34, Fab.com

What's better than getting your dad a tie for the holidays? Getting him two ties in one! He'll look extra dapper in this reversible number, whichever side he may choose.

Tiki Toss Surf Edition, $29.95, available at The Grommet

If he's a fun-loving guy, your dad's going to love this simple yet addicting party game!


Men's Starter Kit, $43, available at Kiehl's

Give your dad the gift of clean, happy skin this season with this Kiehl's starter kit. He'll be glad you did!

Glass Handled Chemex Brewer with 100 Filters, $48, available at Food52

When he wants his caffeine fix, your dad will be grateful that you got him this classic brewer so he can taste every beautiful note in his favorite blend.

UNDER $100

Large Grill Spatula, $68, available at Food52

This spatula's dimensions are perfect for flipping anything your dad wants to grill, from burgers to fish to steak and beyond!

Nailed It Desk Organizer, $58, available at Uncommon Goods

This awesome desk organizer has a spot for everything your dad needs on the job, plus it shows off how handy he is with tools. Win-win!

HomeMade Gin Kit, $50, available at The Grommet

If your dad's a big fan of classic cocktails, he'll love this opportunity to make his own high quality, small batch gin at home.

Ridley's Games - Poker Set, $69, available at West Elm

This set includes everything your dad needs for a great night of poker with the guys—including the rules of the game, in case you want to join in.

French Press 8 fl. oz, $64.95, available at Fab.com

Help your dad get the most from his roast with this top-of-the-line French press, which will keep his coffee warm four times longer than a standard glass pitcher.

OVER $100

Legend Ultra HD Binocular, $190, available from Canopy

Whether he's a hunter, a bird-watcher, a sports enthusiast or just an avid traveler, these binoculars are the perfect gift to give to any dad looking to follow his passion.

Red-Handed Italian Kitchen Knives, $185, available at Food52

These exceptionally sharp and fantastically designed knives are the perfect gift for any dad who loves spending time in the kitchen.

Journeyman, $120, available at Stumptown Coffee

This is the perfect gift for any coffee-loving dad who's interested in entering the exciting world of pour-over brewing.

Withings Activite Pop, $149.95, available at Withings

Any active dad (or mom!) looking to stay fit would love to get this water-resistant, activity tracking watch for the holidays this year!

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