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How To Make Your Own DIY Burlap Wreath


Fall is in full swing, and the hot new trend this season is homemade burlap wreaths for your front door to usher in the spirit of fall! Luckily, instead of buying an expensive burlap wreath at a retail store near you, we can show you how to make your very own burlap wreath with this simple and inexpensive tutorial.

What you'll need:

  • A 12-inch or 24-inch wire wreath—your choice, depending on what size you prefer
  • Burlap ribbon, 6 inches wide and roughly 30 feet long
  • Artistic wire
  • Decorations of your choice (this can be anything from flowers to ribbons—you have lots of freedom with this once you've made the actual wreath itself).
  • Hot glue gun

Step One:

Fold the ribbon into fourths, then attach it with wire to the innermost ring of the wreath.

Step Two: 

Weave the burlap through each ring of the wreath, moving towards the outside.

Step Three: 

Once you get the burlap through each ring you are going to flip the wreath over and twist it.

Step Four: 

After you twist, flip the wreath back over and start weaving through the rings again, starting with the innermost ring moving outward.

Step Five: 

Repeat until you have covered the entire wreath.

Step Six: 

Once you finish, cut off the burlap, tuck it in the back and secure it to the wreath with wire.

Step Seven:

From there you can decorate with whatever decorative items you choose (this could be ribbon, flowers or anything else you want!) using a hot glue gun.

Ta-da! Now you're all finished. This is great gift for any of your friends or family—it brings the spirit of fall into a home before you even open the door!

If these directions were tough to follow, you can check out this video get started. Happy crafting, collegiettes!

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