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How to Project Confidence in Romantic Situations


Nonverbal communication includes everything from where you sit in class to how you text. Your actions and choices say a lot about you before you even say “hello!” We’ve all heard about RBF (resting bitch face), but what else about your actions can you use to your advantage with a crush or an SO? Jesse McCartney is all about body language, and so are we!

But Jesse doesn’t have ALL the answers. We talked to Adam LoDolce, founder of SexyConfidence.com, to get his take on the matter. LoDolce’s mission is to help the 21st century woman create a love life she loves. Sounds good to us!

Be yourself

One of the key aspects of communicating your personality to a love interest is through confidence. If you’re secure in who you are, that will shine through. “Confidence is an emotion and if you FEEL confident, then it will automatically be portrayed in your body language,” LoDolce explains. "Remind yourself that YOU are worthy of that person and continue being social. Before you know it, you’ll be more confident to talk to anyone.” 

The important part is to be YOU! You are the most attractive when you are your authentic self. Love yourself and you’ll be the hottest collegiette in the room. 

So how do we convey this confidence? Shoulders back, head up and smile! Maybe even do a few power poses before heading out for the night.

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Show that you’re interested

It can be hard to even text a guy when you’re totally crushing on him, never mind face-to-face interaction! We’ve all had that awkward foot-in-mouth moment with our crush.

Luckily, LoDolce has us covered for these moments with an awesome acronym: S.E.T. 

Smile: “Even if you’re nervous, be sure to smile—ear to ear!”

Touch: “Physical contact is critical for creating an intimate dynamic.”

Eye Contact: “How can he resist your beautiful eyes?”

Next time your words come out like Lindsay Lohan’s in Mean Girls, just think of this acronym and you’ll be SET!

How do you know if they’re interested too?

It can be scary to put yourself out there and make the first move. But, it’s easy to tell if he’s feeling the vibes too. First, LoDolce says, “If you’re talking at a party or bar and the conversation is continuing, then it’s a great sign!” If he’s sticking around, your chances are improving for sure. Plus, “If he’s laughing at even your dumbest jokes,” you probably have won him over. And if he returns the eye contact you remembered with the SET acronym, you’ve totally won him over.

Get out there and flirt, collegiettes! The most important things to keep in mind when you're out on the prowl is just to be authentic and have fun. It's totally not worth it if you're not feeling the vibes with someone. But if you're into it, be yourself and show that you're interested. Chances are, he is too! If you’re at a loss for words, you never know what a subtle hair flip or smile might do! If all else fails, there’s always the bend and snap! (We hear it works every time!)

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