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What Exam Day is Like, As Told by Kanye West


With exams always looming, it’s inevitable that you’ll have the typical college student experience of procrastinating until the last possible minute, pulling back-to-back all-nighters and guzzling coffee like water. It all leads up to exam day, which will arguably be one of the worst days of your academic year. But hey, every student has a bad day. Who better to explain how horrid exam day can be than Yeezus, the king of bad days? Here’s to exam day, as told by the shrugging, mean-mugging Kanye West!

Your alarm sounds after you’ve just pulled a terrible all-nighter and you feel like you just couldn’t possibly do life right now.

Your test is in less than an hour. Like, seriously, what is life?!

You try to convince yourself it’ll be fine. But, then again, you know you’re just taunting yourself with the idea that you could manage to score an A.

Still, you walk into your lecture hall like it’s no big deal, all while knowing in the back of your mind that you’re beyond screwed.

You make small talk with the student next to you, lying through your teeth that you’re way more prepared than you actually are.

Then, your professor reminds the class this exam is worth 20 percent of your grade, and it really sinks in that you are in no way, shape or form prepared for this.

It practically looks like the exam is written in another language, as you skim through all of the questions for an overview.

But, wait. Hey there, question you can confidently answer! Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

Ahh, sh*t! Nope. Back to square one where nothing looks remotely familiar or answerable.

You feel like a lost cause, kicking yourself on the inside for not taking studying seriously.

The only thing left to do is contemplate the lowest score you can get to still maintain a decent average in the class. 

At this point, you know there’s nothing more you can do to save yourself. So, you answer what you can and turn your exam in early.

*Kanye shrug*

You feel defeated, only to have your professor practically mock you when she asks how you think you did.

You know the horrible truth, of course, but you have no choice but to put on your best smile and say you did the absolute best you could.

Yet again, *Kanye shrug*

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