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15 Things We Wish Olivia Pope Could Fix For Us


Do you ever just want to sing the State Farm jingle to get you out of a hot mess? Same here. But what if Olivia Pope was our real life fixer and we could just Snapchat her to get her perfectly-outfitted-booty over to save us? Our girl Liv could definitely do some major damage control for us. Here are 15 things we wish she could take care of:

1. Our classes

2. Our group project partners who try to run the show

3. Our GPAs

4. Our love lives

5. All the sexists out there

6. Our haters

7. Our indecisive moments

8. Our arguments

9. When we feel like we've tried everything

10. For a good girls' night

11. When wine is the only answer

12. When we're too hungover to function

13. For a good dose of motivation

14. To help us kill our interviews

15. And pretty much rule the world

What would you have Olivia Pope do for you?

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