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11 Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Better Than Chocolate


Forget chocolate, flowers and teddy bears; this is our real Valentine's Day wish list! 

1. A bouquet of puppies

A dozen puppies > a dozen roses.

2. An unlimited Starbucks card

The quickest way to a girl’s heart.

3. The password to his Netflix account

Season two of House of Cards comes out on February 14… just saying.

4. Tickets to Coachella

We’ll also accept passes to "Coachella for Collegiettes."

5. Leonardo DiCaprio circa 1997

To us, he'll always be Jack Dawson.

6. Wine

Studies show that if you drink enough wine, it feels like love.

7. Cookie Dough Oreos

Because that’s what dreams are made of.

8. A no-holds-barred shopping spree

There are few situations in life that can't be improved with a little retail therapy.

9. This puppy in a bow tie

Too cute to handle.

10. A chocolate box full of money

It's not easy being a broke college girl!  

11. Hair that's as amazing as Elsa's

Why can’t Disney princess hair be a real thing?  

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