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Sochi Fashion: 2014 Olympic Team Uniforms


My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to watch the winter Olympics opening ceremony with him.

Right. And after that, we can fist-bump and brew beer in the kitchen.

The Olympics are really cool, of course, but they’re just not my cup of tea – the only sporting event that I get really into watching is the World Cup. Still, even for those of us who couldn’t care less that club swinging and tug-of-war are Olympic sports, there are some really legitimate reasons to watch at least a few games this year.

Reason # 1: The USA looks rad in Ralph Lauren.

Their Christmas sweater-esque cardigans aren’t exactly budget-friendly (they’re $595 each! Yikes, you might want to hit up Urban Outfitters for an off-season ugly Christmas sweater from the clearance rack, instead).

Still, the team looks all-American, more than a touch preppy, and as well suited to gossip in a New England ski lodge as to taking home the gold in Sochi.

Reason #2: France is above it all in Lacoste.

The colors are muted and they’re definitely going for a more reserved, classic look here, but it’s not always important to take big risks and be daring.

Especially with a design challenge as difficult as designing team uniforms for the Olympics, where you have all sorts of very different athletic body types and are trying to find something that looks uniformly flattering on all of them, simplicity can sometimes be underrated. Leave it to the French to bring simple elegance back.

Reason #3: Germany takes the cake.

Period. So I might be a little biased (I’m half-German) but the colorful uniforms by Bogner are so daring, so upbeat, and so inspiring that I vote them the best-dressed team at the Olympics. The bright, positive vibe is exactly what the Olympics – an event that should be centered around good sportsmanship and inspiration – is all about!

I would wear it. Not that I have any Olympic Skills – but if pigeon shooting is an Olympic sport, can speed showering count, too? Or maybe sample sale excavating?
That’s a thing.

Reason #4: Norway misses the mark in the most entertaining way.

Please, what were they thinking? I suppose they figured that they’re the curling team, of all things, and perhaps if they make a joke of their uniforms, people won’t feel a need to poke fun at the sport? If anything can serve as a distraction, these suits can.

The other teams are a little less inspired, with South Korea going for practicality with plain puffer jackets and the Japan rocking a flight attendant-esque gray uniform, but everyone can’t be the Gaga of the Olympics.

You’re still only likely to find me race walking if (a) I’m late for class, (b) I have my eye on the short checkout line at the library circulation desk, or (c) I took the cab to the wrong terminal of the airport and have fifteen minutes until boarding. Nonetheless, these brilliant feats of design make me think twice about blowing off watching the opening ceremony next time – if only to see what they’re wearing!


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