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15 Things Only Business Majors Will Understand


Hey, business savvy collegiettes! Whichever business major you are studying, get proud and feel free to kick off those irritating interview heels. Whether you’re interested in accounting, marketing or entrepreneurship, consider yourself an empowering individual. We collegiettes are slowly but surely dominating a stereotypically male major and making it into a fierce female one. Together, we can all relate to these 15 successes, struggles and situations that only a business major will understand. 

1. To successfully participate in class, you often reference your bible… 

…formally known as the lovely WSJ.

2. When you realize you didn't make the business connections you should have made freshman year:

3. Your role model is Michael Scott. 

4. It is an unbelievable reality that this infamous Mean Girls quote will be the answer to many of your assigned problems. 

5. You will never understand the difference between business professional and business casual, no matter how many times it is explained to you. 

6. Same goes for the difference between macro and micro economics. 

7. When your professors say your grammar will be graded:

8. This actually has relevance in your life.

  9. When people talk about this:

You automatically think of this: 

10. That glorious feeling once you successfully pass statistics with a D:

11. You are constantly surrounded by male student athletes.

But, hey, you're not complaining.

12. What the other members of your dreaded group project say when you claim they did NOT participate: 

13. You don’t consider yourself a professional in business yet, but you definitely consider yourself a professional in attempting to understand your professors’ foreign accents. 

14. Is this picture appropriate for LinkedIn?  

15. Your social life is like:

Shopping for the perfect networking event outfit.

Attending said networking event.

LinkedIn stalking and e-mailing all networking event attendees.

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