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15 Signs You're an International Student


Whether you're from Canada or India, Australia or Peru, your international student status comes with its own set of problems (and a bunch of cool things, too!). These are just some of the things that are all too real if you're balling on that F-1 visa.

1. You're always jet-lagged at the start of term.

2. People constantly interrupt you to ask you if you have an accent.

Stating the obvious, much?

3. You have to explain why you came to America, like, three times a week.

"I'm digging for gold."

4. According to, well, everyone you meet, you have "great English."

Whether or not English is your first language, there's a reason you got into an English-speaking school.

5. You placed out of the language requirement at your school.

Being bilingual is THE BEST.

6.  You've never shopped at Limited Too.

7. Or watched Bill Nye the Science Guy.

You've missed out on SO much!

8. You visit the international center at your school more than you go to the gym.

9. You have to go through just about 800 formalities if you want a job or internship.

10. You rarely see your family.

11. But they totally spoil you when they visit.

12. You have to find a kind soul to adopt you for Thanksgiving.

Your friends' families are so welcoming!

13. You never celebrated Thanksgiving before college.

You could definitely get used to it, though.

14. You get ridiculously excited about free refills in restaurants.

...and pumpkin spice everything...

...and frat parties that actually look like the movies.

15. America is your second home.


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