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50 Things That Are Better Than a Boyfriend


“Cuffing Season”—you know, the time when everyone would rather be "cuffed" to a random SO than spend the winter months alone?—is upon us.  However, for those who find themselves cuff-less right now, don’t fear. Because we've got the ultimate reminder of why you really don’t need that "In a Relationship" status to make your life worthwhile. Without further ado, here's our list of 50 things that are so much better than having a boyfriend.

1. Having no homework…

2. And no exams…

3. And no pop quizzes

4. Starbucks coffee in the morning

5. Or trying the new Pumpkin Spice Latte!

6. Having more pizza for yourself

7. Wearing sweats with no shame


9. Binge-watching Friends

10. Or getting hype for Shonda Rhimes' #TGIT with Grey’s Anatomy

11. And Scandal

12. And How to Get Away with Murder!


13. Having time to party with friends

14. Acing that take-home test

15. Watching old Disney Channel shows and movies online

16. And taking a personality quiz to see which movie you are

17. Being organized

18. Blasting Beyoncé (7/11… we mean 24/7)

19. Perfecting your "***Flawless" hand wave in the mirror

20. Going to Sephora and Victoria's Secret

21. Having time to pick out early holiday gifts (for yourself!)

22. Having time to actually do your laundry…

23. And fold your clothes afterward

24. Being able to check on that hometown crush during break

25. Being able to perfect your selfies for the ‘gram

26. Catching up on homework

27. Did we mention SLEEP?

28. Dying your hair that awesome new shade of red

29. Eating ice cream…

30. ...in your PJs…

31. ...while watching Netflix

32. Trying a new makeup look

33. Registering to vote!

34. Having an IDC attitude about 75.5 percent of the time

35. And using the rest of your energy for schoolwork or whatever

36. Janet Jackson’s new album

37. Being able to choose between the gym and your bed

38. Saying hello to Auntie Flo

39. Knowing your pillow will never complain about your cuddling obsession

40. Making a messy bun the most effort you put into this week’s hairstyle

41. Flirting with no qualms whatsoever (except if he has a GF)

42. Trying out new popcorn flavors by the hour

43. Wearing a LBD for YOU

44. Planning your budget just so you can buy more food

45. Not having to worry about your stiletto nails hurting anyone

46. Decorating your room to fit each holiday of the month

47. Having a shrine dedicated to [insert favorite male celeb here] in your room…

48. ...or Beyoncé!

49. Scrapbooking baby photos and remembering the good ol’ days

50. Living that single life!

What are your favorite things about being single, collegiettes? 

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