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13 Thoughts Every Girl Has at the Gym


Even for non-athletes, the gym can be an integral part of the week. Whether you're pumping iron in the weight room or working up a sweat on the treadmill, you're bound to experience these thoughts at some point. 

1. Do I have to work out today?

Surfing the internet counts as exercise, right?

2. These leggings make my butt looks great.

3. I've totally got this.

4. I want to be healthy! Okay, maybe I just want to look cute.

5. I can work out just as hard as that girl over there!

After all, life is a competition. 

6. What do you mean I’ve only been on the treadmill for two minutes?

7. One rep down, 14 to go.

I'll be lucky if I make it to three.

8. Is it okay to sing at the gym?

Because this is the best playlist EVER.

9. Should my heart actually be beating this fast?!

10. I think I might be melting over here.

11. Is that guy checking me out?

12. Can you see my new muscles yet?

13. What am I doing after I leave the gym? 

Probably never coming back. Just kidding... I'll be back tomorrow!

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