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All the 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Costumes, Ranked


Nobody does Halloween quite like the Pretty Little Liars. And throughout the years, they’ve worn an impressive array of costumes. Since we’re still mourning the fact that this year we won’t be getting a new installment in the show’s series of Halloween specials, we’ve ranked all of the ladies’ past costumes below.

10. Spencer as an Old Hollywood actress, “This is a Dark Ride”

There’s no doubt that Spencer looks flawless in this getup, but it’s not the most original costume we’ve ever seen. We bet you could find these items in your closet, too. Instant costume!

9. Emily as Pocahontas, “The First Secret”

Is Emily dressing up as Pocahontas a little predictable? Sure, but she’s got the styling down to a tee.

8. Alison as Lady Gaga, “The First Secret”

Ali’s costume was relevant when this episode aired but not so much anymore. Unless you’re going as Lady Gaga’s American Horror Story: Hotel character this year, we suggest you stick with rocker chick on this one.

7. Hanna as Britney Spears, “The First Secret”

This Britney schoolgirl outfit is a classic—we don't even care that it's a little overdone. Hanna nailed it, and we can see ourselves wearing this when in need of a last-minute ensemble.

6. Aria as a witch, “The First Secret”

You knew Aria would be the one of the gang to tackle a scary costume. Simply dressed as a witch, she pulls it off without even wearing the stereotypical pointy hat. This is definitely for the girl looking to explore her dark side this Halloween.

5. The PLL’s Edwardian-inspired group costume, “Grave New World”

When deciding on a group costume, your entire squad must be in agreement. That’s why this works. You can see each girl’s individual style shine through in her look, but together their wardrobes still make sense.

4. Aria as Daisy Buchanan, “This is a Dark Ride”

We never get tired of a flapper girl costume, especially if said girl is The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan. It’s all about the sparkly flair of Aria’s sheath dress and flashy accessories. Now if only she hadn’t been trapped in that box with Garrett’s dead body.

3. Hanna as Marilyn Monroe, “This is a Dark Ride”

Hanna makes yet another famous blonde look current with this ode to Marilyn Monroe. The wig, the dress, the pose—everything about this costume is on point.

2. Spencer as Mary, Queen of Scots, “The First Secret”

This costume ranks so high because we honestly did not see it coming. But doesn’t the regal attire of Mary, Queen of Scots suit Spencer so well? From the luxe gown and headpiece to the perfectly coiffed red wig, Spencer’s look is taking us back in time.

1. Emily as Barbarella, “This is a Dark Ride”

The Halloween costume can be a real cliché but not on Emily. The unexpected character choice has us intrigued; we can’t help but applaud the originality of her Barbarella costume.

Which of these PLL Halloween costumes is your favorite, collegiettes?

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