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5 Ways to Rock a Blazer Outside of the Office


When we think of blazers, the first thing that pops into our heads is Hillary Clinton’s power suits. And, sure, there's nothing wrong with that. Girl ROCKS a blazer:

But it’s time to break out that blazer your mom bought you for college interviews and your summer internships, because believe it or not, you can actually work it into pretty much any look for an instant outfit upgrade. A well-tailored, classy jacket adds a touch of class, refinement and power to your already fabulous wardrobe. Don’t believe us? We have proof. 

1. For class

For class

Zara shirt



Anne Klein lined jacket





Accessorize strap bag



Have a presentation in class but don’t want to go full-on professional to deliver your speech? Throw a blazer over a sundress, skirt and top, or skinnies and a tee to look put together. We dressed up a pair of cute, distressed jeans, a classic tee and some statement flats with a staple black blazer. This way you'll look like you put some thought into your outfit, even if you just rolled out of bed.

2. Out with your girlfriends

Out with your girlfriends

Miss selfridge dress



Slim blazer





A blazer can add a little coverage (and warmth) to your go-to LBD for when you’re going out with your girls this fall. It can dress up an otherwise casual outfit, or take it down a notch when you feel you may be revealing a little too much skin. This slouchy, casual blazer adds a pop of color and a touch of excitement to an otherwise monochromatic look.

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3. On a coffee date



Chicnova beige blazer



Free People mini skirt




Dress up your everyday outfit with a daytime blazer when you have a special date planned. Whether it’s with your girlfriends or a potential SO, this edgy yet casual blazer will spice up your next get-together at your favorite café. 

4. For dinner on the town

For dinner on the town

Silence Noise blue dress



Black blazer



Charlotte Russe black boots



Element black handbag




You know that dress you wear for basically every outing when you’re not sure how fancy or laid back you should be dressing? Add a fun touch to it with a blazer that can work for any occasion or setting. This jacket is comfy and can be styled for an easy breezy look, or add a level of chic sophistication to any dress in your closet.

5. At your favorite brunch spot



Miss Selfridge blazer





Whether it’s for a friend’s birthday or a family gathering, dressing up for brunch is always the move... when you’re not hungover. A blazer can brush up any outfit to make it totally Insta-worthy (don’t pretend like you didn’t order the eggs benny just for the photo opp). We made this classic crop top/skirt combo a tad bit more conservative with a clean white blazer.

You may have to text your mom now and tell her that blazer she bought you wasn't a total waste of money. With so many ways to wear these classy jackets, you'll be killing it like Olivia Pope in and out of the workplace.

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