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The Key to Finding Work-Life Balance


This article has been syndicated to Her Campus from The College Girl Daily by Hannah-Beth Floyd, a Her Campus Blogger Network member. Read the full post here.

I’m definitely a workaholic; I've got three jobs and a blog that publishes six times a week. I’ve started treating my blog like a business, which is what I hope for it to be eventually. My problem is there’s always something I could be doing, whether that’s writing a new post or interacting with followers. That means almost every moment of my free time is dedicated to blogging.

So here I am, trying to find a work-life balance, all while I’m so overrun with school work I can't even think about relaxation.

Here are some tips for finding work life balance:

1. Schedule everything

I've been using Google Calendar to keep up with my various shifts at work and the things I want to take care of around the apartment. I'm even color coding to match my planner. For example, I use yellow for my retail job, purple for my internship, green for my newspaper job, pink for my blog and blue for personal stuff. By scheduling everything I make sure to make time for the big stuff, like work, and the small stuff, like posting to Instagram.

2. Make time for fun 

I've found it's important to schedule in time to spend with my family and boyfriend. Fun doesn't have to be a big vacation; it can be something as simple as spending the afternoon outside with the people you love. 

3. Learn to say no

Don't feel the need to say yes to every single social event you're invited to. If you feel your energy is sapped from spending all day on campus, then it's ok to just go home and veg out. If you know you're already stretched thin, don't offer up your (very) valuable free time.

Read the full post on The College Girl Daily.

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