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The 9 Best Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies


Ever since their days as Michelle Tanner on Full House, we’ve been obsessed with the Olsen twins. Even though they stepped away from the camera a few years ago to work on their super-successful fashion lines, the glory days of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies are still in our highly nostalgic minds. They may never make another movie (tear), but there are plenty of Olsen-twin films in the archives for us to watch over and over again. Here are our favorites!

1. Winning London

Did anyone else immediately want to join Model UN after watching Chloe and Riley go to London to participate, learn about world politics and kiss really cute boys? Swoon. Side note: we also wanted to legally change our names to Chloe or Riley, which we thought were the coolest names ever.

2. Passport to Paris

Keeping with an international theme, this 1999 movie taught us all about Parisian glamour… and escargot. Though we were kind of grossed out to learn that people ate snails, the views of Paris and the adorable French boys made us want to fly over the Atlantic immediately.

3. Switching Goals

Ahh, yes. Tomboy Mary-Kate and Ashley really “scored” with this one (sorry). Thanks to this movie, we knew never to order pizza on a date for fear of cheese hanging from our chin, and we also looked everywhere for tinted sunglasses (we’re still in the market, if you have any). We're still rooting for the Buzzards.

4. Our Lips Are Sealed

In the Witness Protection Program for witnessing a crime (which would never have resulted in placement in the Witness Protection Program, but we digress), Maddie and Abby get to move to Australia, party on a boat in go-go boots, sport super-cool chunky highlights and (again!) kiss a few Aussies. Livin’ the dream, ladies.

5. New York Minute

This 2004 movie is the most recent in the Olsen franchise, and although the plot is slightly disappointing, the fashion is not. Bonus: a young Jared Padalecki stars as Trey, the movie’s token hottie. Bob Saget also makes a cameo appearance.

6. Billboard Dad

When Tess and Emily decide it’s time for their dad to start dating, they paste his picture up on a billboard. Though the twins have good intentions, things (of course) go awry. Important life lessons learned from this 1998 classic include what a whisk is and that some women really do prefer to go by “Ms.”

7. It Takes Two

Any real MK & A aficionado has seen this vintage (aka 1995) adaptation of The Prince and the Pauper. If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend it to round out your Olsen film experience.

8. Holiday in the Sun

It’s super cheesy, but Holiday in the Sun is a must-see if you want to see all the Olsen twins’ films. Not to be confused with The Challenge, which also takes place in a tropical setting, Holiday in the Sun follows Madison and Alex as they solve crime and save the world from a man smuggling stolen goods.

9. When in Rome

So many international settings, so little time (which actually is the title of a TV show the Olsen twins did in 2001)! This adventure takes Leila and Charli to a disastrous internship in Rome that is saved by, you guessed it, cute boys! Though the plot isn’t that great, we still love you, Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Their movies are perfect for a girls’ night in or a 2000s throwback party. Let the world know that we love you, Olsen twins. Your movies are classics in our minds. 

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