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12 Things You Wish You'd Known Before Living Alone


You’ve moved into your very first apartment and are finally living on your own. Congratulations! No more roommates, no more mom and dad—this is everything you ever wanted… right? Living alone can be awesome, but there are also some struggles. Here are 12 things you'll want to know before getting your own place.

1. No one tells you what to do (except maybe your landlord)

There's nobody to telling you to wash your dishes, no one telling you to put pants on—in other words, sweet freedom. Just remember to pay your bills on time. They can and WILL turn off your water.

2. Everything is yours… including your mess

There is NOBODY picking up after you, so folding laundry and washing dishes are your responsibilities, and your responsibilities alone.

3. One is the loneliest number

Who’s going to have a Netflix marathon with you? Who’s going to tell you whether or not your outfit is cute? Who’s going to help you cyber-stalk the office hottie? This whole solo thing may take some getting used to.

4.  S.O.S., cooking skills required

You either know how to cook or you don’t. If you fall under the latter, call for help immediately or invest in a cooking class. Trust us.

5. Pants are optional; curtains are mandatory.

If we could go the rest of our lives wearing yoga pants (or no pants) we totally would. Just beware of where you’re walking... #creepyneighboralert

6. Invest in a dead bolt—and maybe a full blown security system

It only takes a couple creaks and squeaks to get you running for the nearest closet. Save yourself the worry—get an alarm system and don't forget to always lock your doors.

7. Food for dayyys

Without anyone to share with, your fridge is like an everyday buffet! Just be responsible with the Ben & Jerry's… there’s also no one to call you out on finishing the whole tub in one sitting.

8. You only have one closet now

Gone are the days of shopping for a “new” outfit in your roommates’ closets. Guess you’ll have buy your own little black skirt. #thestruggle

9. No more daily girl talk/therapy sessions

It was always nice to share your day with roommates, or vent about your current struggles, but now the only person to vent to is yourself.

10. Pets are the answer

They love you, they’ll listen and they’ll never abandon you. Who needs humans anyway?

11. Your friends still exist

Just because you may not see them in the dorms every day doesn’t mean your friends don’t exist. They’re only a phone call away.

12. Keep calm and go call mom

When all else fails, don’t panic… Mom always knows what to do.

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